Hiigerians - Unbalanced Against HW1 Races

So, I just played 2 consecutive matches as the Hiigerians against a friend playing the Taiidan - And he won all of them. After that we played 1 with Taiidan against Kushan It was pretty much stalemate for the entire game until I rushed right into his base killing his mothership.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bad player. Played a lot of Homeworld back then.

The Hiigerians are way to underpowered or unbalanced. Against both HW1 races I had no chances because I was fully outnumbered pretty much already ad mid-game.

Some things which are weird for me:

  1. Why are the Hiigerian probes more expensive then the ones from the HW2 races? Also, the costs for some
  2. Somehow, the de-loading from RU off the Mining Collectors is faster for HW1 races then HW2. Might be subjective…
  3. HW1 motherships can build units at the same time while the HW2 races can only build one at a time.
    And now the biggest issue IMHO:
  4. Building modules is taking not only way too long, but they are very expensive as well. This way, I have to spend money to allow my ships to build things, which the one from HW1 can build by default if you researched them.
    Also, researching enhancements is too expensive and takes too long. Thus the money for ships is missing. It’s not worth it because the enemy will overrun you.

So - tl;dr: HW2 vs HW1 are unplayable. It’s not balanced and makes no fun.
Maybe I’m the only one, but its just my opinion on what I experienced in the first couple of rounds.

Perhaps you just need to git gud at hiigarans?

Keep in mind that hiigarans mostly need modules to unlock things and a facility of your choice, a research module, and an advanced research module will unlock just about anything from that facility while kushan/taiidan need to research tech for every single ship class that they need to build.

Also keep in mind that Hiigarans/Vaygr are significantly stronger in late game as they can have two shipyards pumping out two battlecruisers at once while Kushan/Taiidan can only build one HC at a time.

In my experience the HW1 races are just doomed to loose every single time. Beacuse they have a gigantic achilles heel, they don’t have modular grav wells. Tbh, this alone makes the HW1 races unviable in my eyes, and in my experience with the game so far.

I don’t really agree with your sentiments; not trying to be antagonistic here but my thoughts are such:

(Not ordered properly here to your arguments; post is automatically formatted.)

  1. HW2 races drop off very quickly compared to HW1, imo. Are you using your mobile refineries or positioning your carriers or flagships correctly? I feel that proper placement will put HW2 races ahead in this regard.

  2. HW1 ships only build 2 at a time, which is not the same as HW1 originally but I think it’s good this way, otherwise HW1 races can swarm early.

  3. HW2 modules and research are supposed to be expensive, in comparison to the Vaygr.

My opinion is that HW2 Hiigarans are too strong. Try building all pulsars and you will see. Pulsars are good against fighters, corvettes, and frigates. They were a problem before, and HW1 races have practically no counter to them. I’ve been abusing grav well generators if I rolled as Kushan or Taiidan.

HW1 races seem to have the advantage getting strong corvettes early on. Light corvettes do perfectly fine against HW2 strikecraft, and hyperspace jumps are readily available early. This makes frigate rushes seem dangerously quick, but I admit I have not tried it yet.

Yeh but thats the thing. Get grav generators on everything and you win… Its really that simple. Unless youve let your resources go to ■■■■.