Hijack mission problems. (crash Freeze)

Okay I have had a couple of problems over two separate vehicle mods. The first was the cluster mine for the technical which crashed whenever I turned it in at the closest catch-a-ride to it. That somehow stopped happening when I took it to the furthest from the technical’s spawn. The second time this happened is in Devil’s Razor area, with The Monster wheel Technical part. I took it to the closest Catch-a-ride to the spawn, Game freezes. I take it to the furthest to the spawn, game still freezes. (On story I have yet to talk to Vaugh.) Anyone else having this problem?


I am having the same issue. I have tried 4 different catch-a-ride locations and it has frozen each time. Is their a solution?

Same thing with me. It’s like a 50/50 chance if the game will freeze and crash as soon as I can the new part in at the catch a ride. PS4

I am having the same issue in ps4

I am having the same issue, happened twice yesterday so I switched ps4 off. Will continue with the story and see if it sorts itself out

Had that bug also in the beginning.
The way i got around it whas driving with speed towards a catch a ride station and hit the exit vehicle button right before it enters the platform. The vehicle will be turned in and the game doesn’t crash

Same issue here! Trying to turn in spiked wheel technical

Just to update, still happening for more than one of Ellies upgrades now, will try bailing at last second as suggested by Necro