Hilarious lyuda vid (post nerf)

You gotta check this out, lol.


people complain without actually testing things.

i actually like the changes made in the hotfix.


It’s not just the Lyuda people are complaining and crying about. The Lyuda wasn’t that big of a hit. It’s all the rest of the nerfs week after week. I wasn’t even a big flakkar user but it makes the ones I have trash. My preference are cuttsman, crossroad, rowans, and occasionally Lyuda. Both smg’s I like got a nerf. For now I’m done farming for the next big nerf. They got my money this time around and I’m not gonna cry for a refund but I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll come back in a few months to try new content and see what state the game is in by then.

try it, it still not bad. you can still spam hex if you like. not as fast, but it is still doable.

I tested stuff. I’m not a fan of the hot fix

Hex, flakker, lyuda not a huge deal.

Crossroads is trash, cutsman is noticeable, maggie is better but it was terrible to begin with. IB still is nothing but a life jacket for me.

Flakker is still viable.

My issue is that they need to make other guns better. Buff loot to the same extreme you nerf, that’s not happening. Dont neuter a gun but only buff others very little.

Again, they are going to the other extreme. That’s not balance, that’s a knee jerk reaction which is what I’ve posted since the first nerf.

This is likely one of the last rounds of nerfing other than a couple of stand out stuff that may come to light, meaning the next OP youtuber recommended bandwagon weapon. They are planning on buffing the rest from now on. Also nerfing Mayhem mode modifiers.

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Never been a hex spammer. And nah I’m burnt out of this game. Outer worlds coming next week anyway so it’s an easy decision to unglue myself from playing this game everyday for 4 hours. All my friends have quit anyway from the nerfing so I’ll join them in other games. Maybe see if fallout76 ever got its ■■■■ together :joy::joy::joy:

I’ll believe it when I see it, i am highly doubtful given their recent track record.

I’d be ok with it if bank space was bigger, but that ain’t happening. It’s almost like they are doing this to make players keep farming because they cant keep gear and they have no god damn clue what’s gonna work from one week to the next.

Bank space is also being looked at but no ETA on when it will be implemented yet.

Dont hold your breath.

If, and it’s a HUGE IF it happens. Its gonna take a long time and a bunch of money.

I think Flakker got hit a tad harder than it should have. I was worried when BL3 released and everyone was praising how good it is. And it is was a bit too good.

I wish they would have just ported the old Flakker from BL2 over OR shortened it’s effective range(along with the damage nerf) to make not so point and click. The old Flakker required a bit of set up and practise to use; I loved that!

It’s always been one of my favorite weapons and Its still really good but it should consume ammo differently so that mag size increases can give it more than one shot.

I’ve already been using all those TORGUE weapons that for buffed so I’ll take that trade.

Also, wut?! Faisar was already awesome af! That things gonna be beast now. Ive got one in every available element! Gunno go tests later.

I am happy with those buffs actually and the balances to others. maggie now is even a graveward killer.

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Crossroads is still spectacular. It went from 4 projectiles to 3, that’s it. It’s barely noticeable and it has become more ammo efficient.
The Flakker has become weird. It still knocks enemies everywhere, great crowd control and the splash damage still helps you deal with crazy M3 mobs of badasses and annoiteds, but the one shot magazine creates this weird stagnant action where you realize you need to manually reload because otherwise it will just sit there with an empty magazine. Kinda ruins the flow of combat.
The Cutsman and Hex still do work. Even with the Hex being seemingly castrated by the hotfix, it still performed fantastic.
The only noticeable issue for me has been the Lyuda. Maybe it’s just my performance with it but I noticed a significant decrease in its DPS. So much so that I actually took it out of my loadout for Fl4k for now. Idk…

I got a really good gunner annointed Dastardly Maggie last night.

To be honest, I’ve always leaned towards melee/Torgue/explosives because my vision and aim are not the best(my 12 year old daughter is a goddamn crack-shot though!).

Anyways, long story short, to not be a Jacobs fan I sure do like the Maggie!

Weird thing is; even though my precision aim is like really bad, Im good with angling things like Fastball/Buzzaxe/launchers and can hit targets super far away like that lol

im dying this is so good

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Tbf this is probably offline vs online. And the Lyuda got a huge buff in the 2nd hotfix (probably unintentionally) - hence this is not really an accurate reflection of the nerf.

That said, Lyuda probably needed a nerf, and the nerf sounds fair overall, so no complaints here.