Hip-firing snipers -- is there a penalty?

Does anyone know if hip-firing a sniper reduces the damage (versus scoped in)? Trying to use snipers more with Aurelia & get rushed by enemies a lot, Plus, just got Magic Bullet, which encourages using a sniper for healing – the closer the better for healing. Maybe I should go back to BL2 and test this with the dummy!

With the exception of Zer0’s Kill C0nfirmed, scoping shouldn’t change the damage output. The main penalty (which Aurelia still has to deal with and that Zer0 had squared away thx to AOwtG) is poorer accuracy.

I would suggest putting two points into Duchess; each stack increases your accuracy and they go away if you or your servant dies. (It works without a servant though) I don’t remember where to get that one mission from Hammerlock but the quest reward is a Razorback, (Jakobs sniper with no scope) which is a lot easier to use at medium/close range for more Magic Bullet healing.

There is no damage difference between ADS and hip fire

It’d be a cool gimmick for a unique gun though. Maybe a Dahl SMG, instead of switching to burst when ADS it would get a damage boost and a firerate penalty.

On topic: as other people said, no penalty.

Fremingtons edge does have a higher crit if you ADS

Only penalty for hip-firing with Aurelia is if you get the capstone from the Huntress skill tree Custom Loads, which only works when ADS. Also I Never Miss and Long Range Killer get harder to use wihtout ADS.

Sounds similar to the Emperor.
Not to bash your idea, its just the first thing that came to mind.

That’s whatt idea was based on, but I was trying to make useful both ADS and hipfire.

Getting REALLY off topic here: but I think that if Borderlands is going to stick with the “Manufactorer is the defining aspect of a gun, with parts second” then the Gimmicks need to be broader, EG Dahl shouldn’t go to ADS when zoomed, they should just CHANGE when zoomed. So Burst-fire, Bonus Damage, Bonus Firerate, Splash Damage etc…

and each gun would have one bonus for Hipfire and one for Aiming, which would put gun variety way up.

I am having trouble hip firing snipers with Aurelia too.

Maybe no damage penalty, as when I do hit it hurts 'em, but I just can’t hit very often.

I don’t remember having this much trouble with other characters.

It has been a patch or 2 since I’ve played, so maybe they will be this tough too now.