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Loot to trade (updated)

Loot i needs :v::100:

I will update as i get drops, drop a message if your LF something in particular, and ill keep a lookout. Happy hunting vault hunters :v::100::v:

Updated 4/18 6:30am cmt.

List updated this lovely morning, keep it trippy :v::100::sparkling_heart:

your trade list needs access…I think i might have a couple items you’re looking for like the oldirdian and soulrenderers…I have several of those, just need to check if the soulrenders are full auto.

Link should be open now, my bad, saved it wrong on update this morning

Updated, will be off for a few hours, just lmk if your interested, ill get back asap ,:v:

Updated :v::fire: happy hunting

It’s not cyro but I have this oldridian if that’s any interest to you?

I’d be happy to trade for your redundant brainstormer with ase 100

Nty, got a few like that already

No worries

List has been updated, :v:

I have these if they’re any good

That boom sickle is very appealing, and the snowdrift , anything your interested in?

The 100ase wagon wheel and the unseen threat 100ase

:v: let me get back to sanctuary

No rush buddy

Sent, happy hunting, and ty

Thanks dude jumping on now to send the sickle and snowdrift

Sent buddy have a great day :blush::+1:

List updated 4/16 4pm cmt, 200+ items with good rolls. Still looking for some specifics. Ill be updating that list of what im after within the hour. Happy hunting vault hunters :v::sparkling_heart::v:

Both updated :v::sparkling_heart:

Hippies Barter Bar is open and ready to sling some guns, if i got something you want, and you dont have exactly what im LF, ill gladly check out some dif stuff :v::wink: keep hunting ladies and gents

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