Hippocrit Gun Idea

Hello everyone! I’m not sure how to share this idea, but I believe this forum may be the right place.

I realize that development on Borderlands 3 must be basically completed, but I had a gun idea I think people may enjoy being included in the game (or possibly added in later DLC).

I think there should be a gun called the Hippocrit! I am not sure how the name should best be spelled (Hypocrite, Hippocrite, or Hippo-crit). The special traits of this gun, as you may have guessed from the name, would be massive critical hit bonus, and of course the fact that it shoots hippopotamuses (or is it hippopotami (maybe that could be the red text)). Given the lethal nature of hippopotamuses, I think this makes a fantastic gun idea. I don’t know which type of gun this would be best as. Possibly a shotgun like the Unicornsplosion, or possibly a grenade launcher. An alternate special effect instead of a critical hit bonus could be a guaranteed (or probability based guarantee) of a critical hit, even if one missed the critical spots on an enemy.

I could be totally out of line suggesting new gun ideas this close to a game launch to the incredibly creative people at gearbox, but I thought I could at least share.



Name: Hippo Crit

Red Text: GET THIS THING OFF OF ME! (+100% Critical chance, +300% Critical Hit Damage, launches hippos at people.)

Weapon Type: Grenade Launcher or Rocket Launcher

It should list a crit bonus, but not actually give one.


I like all the ideas presented so far. I would have trouble choosing between my favorite variant of this potential weapon.

I had another idea for the red text. It could read “I don’t use excessive force!”. That ties in the hypocrite nature of the gun, as it would clearly be excessive to launch hippos at people to do a ridiculous amount of damage.

Heh heh… or, in a different twist, instead of damaging the target, it heals them instead.

Or. Being that it’s a hippo and literally couldn’t crit, a negative crit bonus on the card.


Hey, more guns the better. Your idea wouldn’t be too out of place for a gun that could exist in the series. We already saw promotions with guns shooting hamburgers and buttstallions. Though being a gun that shoots hippos, I definitely think it should have some “splash” damage. So definitely a grenade launcher. Though I’m just not sure about the crit part. A hippopotamus type weapon doesn’t exactly sound quick, clean, and lethal. It’ll do a lot of damage sure, but not anywhere specific like a sniper, or a well-placed shot to a critical area could. Your gun has to really powerful for a name like “Hippocrit”, definitely could see it as an endgame weapon used for raid bosses. It’ll do a hell of a lotta damage.

Might not be accurate, but if it’s launching hippos, I don’t think accuracy (or the lack thereof) is going to be a concern.

That’s why I suggested it should be a grenade launcher. It makes sense that a gun that shoots a hippopotamus causes “splash” damage. :wink: