His niche, character lore and gameplay wise

Said above, I’m about to master whiskey, but can’t figure out what it is supposed to be, so character I geusse the rogue clone with a hint of loner survivor, and for gameplay unlike oscar mikes twitch military shooter (right helixes more like halo soldier) whiskeys is tactical shooter. anyone help me out here?

when I play I focus on making one bomb much stronger and play him as an assassin. I initiate on any unaware enemies by sticking them with a draining bomb that then turns to napalm and then I start firing into them going for crits from range

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I understand his actual gameplay but what is its niche, like how tobies is artillery mech, montana the minigunner, stuff like that, but thanks still!

Lone survivor/military defector, if anything

Gameplay wise?

Mostly minion wrecker and long-range assassin, i’d say. He has ridiculous damage output with Overcharge (it’s pretty much a free kill or two if you can aim), and his tripple napalm sticky grenades are the bane of minions, due to how fast the cooldown is, when compared to other AOE skills.

That’s what I mean, but as the my quote says, thanks so! (Swear no sarcasm)

I’m confused… I thought you wanted to know what his niche is gameplay-wise? If that is so, i answered it; he is one of, if not THE best minion killing character, with some assassin traits as well.

If you meant lore-wise (which i suppose i can see being the case by “Montana the Minigunner”, which is not a gameplay description), then he’s a mentally unstable abomination, who was originally meant to be another Oscar Mike.

I guess i just don’t -raspberry- understand-raspberry- the question? (Spongebob reference).

Well he ain’t really an amazing wave clear, really only if you get napalm is it good, killing the Shepherd he dies faster than anyone else though, but what I mean is how montana has the minigunner classic gameplay, laying suppressing fire and taking the damage and dishin it out, and how pendles is the hitman, getting stragglers and such and going out, and how toby is the artillery mech, hunkering down layng mines down, killing any who are not close, stuff like that

think of him as guerrilla infantry, he improvises and tries to start the fight on his terms.


That is a pretty cool thought actually, his look always reminded me of rogue soldier enemy types in video games, so it really does fit


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i’m sorry that i’m good with words!

Uh, i think you mean “WELL” with words.

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See? 2 way street! Sometimes you’re the more eloquent of us

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Considering your amazing at this, how about, kelvin, alani, ernest if defense egg was good too, reyna, and insert name here (your choice)

Kelvin is a disruptor/brawler. His job is to get into the fight, stun/slow everything, then start pounding away and comping low health enemies to kill them. He’s also a bit of a controller with his Ice Wall: he can block reinforcements, prevent enemies from running, or stun/damage them depending on how he places it.

Alani is an attacker and burst healer with CC abilities. Her job is to push the front line, heal when she’s able to, and prevent the enemy team from counter-attacking, much like OM. Like OM, she’s not a brawler and should never engage in 1v1 unless she knows she has the upper hand (low health enemy). But she’s great in 2v1 and 3v2 because she can stun/slow the enemy while her teammate finishes them off.

Ernest is mobile artillery and will always be such no matter which mode his egg is in. He’s like Benedict, except he can buff his teammates.

Reyna is true support: her job is to keep her teammates alive while making it easier for them to kill the enemy through her priority target. A Reyna without a teammate nearby is generally a dead one.

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Great in depth information here, as for ernest, I think he is also a coordinator of sorts with his mines, and defensive mastermind (once his defense egg is better)

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… best minion killer? He’s not bad, but are we playing the same game? Orendi: one skill at level 4 that can be spammed for dayyyys. Oscar Mike the noob clone: one shot at level 2 that instantly kills the entire wave. I don’t see how Whiskey Foxtrot so easily compares

Well I agree but hey, don’t criticize oscar mike, he is great for nooks, but surprisingly fun to play and good skill ceiling

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