His niche, character lore and gameplay wise

(Penguin connoisseur.) #41

So it turns out that the wall i was beating my head against was one of the ones to Nova’s meeting room! I had juuust enough functioning brain cells left to understand what was being said, through the unintentional crack i opened up; it sounds like the commanders want to give your rocket launcher to Ernest, Benny. Something about how the Battleborn don’t need TWO ordinance-firing aviants, because it’s a “conflict of interest”.

Cheer up, though; there’s always Minrec!
-sways drunkenly as blood trickles from nose-
Be reborn as… A neurosurgeon!

(Benedict's Glorious Wingspan) #42

I could give you a dialogue of what was really said during the meeting.
But I won’t.
It was a boring, dry, serious business meeting with literally no drama or tension. Ugh… how dull.
Plus it reveals too much of Benedict’s backstory at once, and I like to encourage rumors and speculation.
So f*ck that.
However, I may share the meeting where they discuss whether or not Benny actually gets to stay on board… um, me… with the other Battleborn.
That’s right. His head’s on the chopping block. And if August doesn’t want to share the sordid details, I WILL. Because that meeting’s going to be so much FUN. All the Battleborn. In one place. Debating whether or not Benny stays or goes. So much drama, so much tension, people sitting right across from other people who can’t stand each other…
Excited girlish scream.
I can’t wait. I can’t wait for the meeting. I wish it was happening now. Right now. I’m bored. SO bored.