His ult helix question

So attikuses ult is simply amazing, but I have a question, which is better, wake of devastation or payback time, I honestly think they even, with devestation adding DPS and payback time punishing enemies damaging you and also burst, making it a risk to damage you

I also have a suggestion for unstoppable rampage, I actually like the idea of it lasting longer on kills because that means longer teamfight ult with minions likely to be round you can also kill, but I simply would like if it made him CC immune too because it is called UNSTOPPABLE Rampage, and the extra seconds dont matter If they CC you


I’m going to assume the lowidev’s site is correct in that his Ult does 10 shockwaves at 146 damage each at level 10. I’m also going to assume the helix description of “Payback Time” means +60% not +60 damage, because the other way is simply worse.

  • Wake of Devastation - (10 x 146) + (10 x 240) = 3860 damage

  • Payback Time - (10 x 146) x 1.6 = 2336 damage. Also note you’d have to be dead to have this much damage.

Sooo unless I’m missing something Wake of Devastation is better… by a lot. It also might have better AoE.


Dang, suppose it needs a buff, simple damage percent buff IMO, how about my suggestion for unstoppable rampage

Sounds like a good suggestion to me.

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Unstoppable was better before the attack speed nerf and when you could juggle an entire team for 127 hours

Well it’s better in my opinion where allies can actually shoot the enemy, how do you feel about my suggestion for it

It makes a lot of sense. Especially because of the weird controller/disruptor can’t be controlled/disrupted twist

How is it wierd

Sorry, not weird, more amusing. He’s more superior than the rest (that’s not grammar is it? Hmm)

If attikus gets his knockback back then he would be the SUPERIOR disruptor IMO

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To be honest when it is called UNSTOPPABLE Rampage, it should be a given cc immunity, you have any buffs for big payback, I think a simple percentage buff would help


Yeah, it’s still a solid idea fortunately

But how much 200%?

I honestly have no idea lol. Sorry

It’s all ok, you know what ass long as it does substantially more at low health than devestation I would be fine