His ult, something has to be done about it

(Gt: YaCantDutchThis) #1

So I’ve been playing the Tobster lately, especially in PvP. I’ve played him in PvE too, and he is amazing. Even is ult is fine. But in PvP… I literally never use his ult anymore, since I got the double kill.

Now, Toby isn’t very squishy as long as he stays behind. The moment you move too far on the battlefield, it’s very easy to get flanked. Especially by strong assasins. You can’t fight against that, you run or die. He’s a sniper, so it makes sense to stay far away.

Now, why do you need to get close for his ult to be effective? It’s a laser, that(imo) doesn’t have an extremely long range. And it becomes harder to hit the further you are away. You also become a target you know, when you turn into an obvious orange laser.
His ult deal decent damage, but you do need to hit the enemy for this damage. And I feel like his ult just… Isn’t very good for him.

But whenever I reach lvl 10 with Toby, I change my ult to shooting 3 balls. Those things have a far reach, can hit multiple things at the same time(Adios minion waves!!!) and deal a lot of damage! So I’ve been thinking, why don’t they change his (Annoying, unreliable, way too obvious, 100% terrible) laser the ball shooting helix!

So I was wondering, what do you guys think? Am I the only person who doesn’t kill anyone while ulting, except for myself?

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(Uks) #2

Well, FWIW, his ult is very useful on thralls.


(Gt: YaCantDutchThis) #3

Just as usefull as critting them with your normal shots. I’ll be honest, I barely play Incursion but I feel like his normal shots are just as usefull, if not more useful, than his ult when dealing with Thralls.(The PvE ones though.) In Meltdown, using his ult more iften than not is a death sentence, or I just am too far away to hit anyone with it. And since I can only hit 1 target with it, it isn’t that usefull against minions either. That’s why I prefer the shooting balls, great for minions and enemy Battleborn alike.


(The Art of the Foxtrot) #4

At the very least, it needs to penetrate players BY DEFAULT, and deal extra damage as it passes through his shield ALSO BY DEFAULT.

It’s such a long charge up time for a beam that needs CONSTANT headshots to be worth your time, and barely has any range or damage compared to your standard Railgun. Buff Toby’s ult, please.

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(sjaugustyniak) #5

I’d say give it penetration and a slow but to counter it also gets knockback.
The idea would be to pin multiple targets to a wall in order to deal maximum damage. Or to fling enemies away.
Although this would be really bad for pve so I’m not sure. The old dungeon defenders series ev had a really nice death Lazer.

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(Gt: YaCantDutchThis) #6

If we’re going to keep the laser, it NEEDS more range. Because I’m not going to leave my sniper spot EVER again to hit my ult. after the double kill, I never used his ult again in PvP.
Penetrating enemies is also a must, indeed.

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(Moostacho) #7

His ultimate is fine exactly where it is. After the buff, it can finally melt most of the Battleborn cast. Sounds like you just need more practice on how/when to use it.


(Gt: YaCantDutchThis) #8

What? “It can melt most of the Battleborn cast” Of cpurse it can! When you can hold your ult on their head for 6 seconds! But his ult is RIDICULOUSLY easy to dodge.

Also, it slows you down and makes you extremely vurnerable. Everyone sees you turn into a giant laser. Since the range isn’t that great, you have to stand closer to your enemies than usual.

So a huge, slow bot looking like a giant laser is standing there… Who WOULDN’T start focusing on it? If there are 2 enemy Battleborn near and I use my ult, I’ll def die. Yeah, I may be able to use it against one enemy, but his regular shots still are eaier to hit and will deal more damage in those 6 seconds(probably.)

Im game modes like Meltdown and Incursion, the ult is so useless. You can’t even kill Sherpard with it.


(Moostacho) #9

Why would you use it while you are surrounded? His ultimate is the most damaging and accurate ranged attack in the game. It is not a single shot that you can miss; it’s a constant stream of damage that will respond to any aim adjustments you make the instant you make it.

Cooperate with your teammates! Did Reyna just give you an overshield? Use it. Is Montana distracting the enemy with his mansformation? Start melting. Is the enemy being slowed on Thorn’s blight? Make them feel even more pain.

Create your own setup by deploying your shield, hit the enemy with a slow mine, and then activate core discharge. Oh, and stop aiming for their head… Hitting them consistently in the legs or the torso will give you better results than flailing the beam around at a tiny target.

Even if you do not kill anyone, you will force them to retreat, which gives your team the advantage. You can also kill a giant minion or thrall with ease, not to mention clearing a minion wave when it’s urgent and you haven’t leveled up to 7 yet.

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(Gt: YaCantDutchThis) #10

Where’d you get that from?

The things you say all sound like you are ALWAYS hitting your entire ult. Well, I don’t. My enemies dodge it, with ease. If an enemy Toby uses his ult, I dodge it too. With ease. I don’t have time to reply more but I’ll finish this post on the laptop later.


(Moostacho) #11

From here.

The trick is to only use the ultimate when there is a low chance of anyone going near you at the time. Which is why I recommend using it when there is a significant distraction or CC affecting your targets. By the time they decide to focus on you, they’ll be dead.


(Gt: YaCantDutchThis) #12

Sadly, his ult has a charge up time too. The moment they get out of the CC effects is when you can START using your ult. Or you have to communicate with your team when they are going to try and hit the CC.

His ult is only usefull when there is a distraction and when your enemy is too late to realize they are being attacked. But if I have to choose between using my ult or my normal shots, 9/10 times the shots win.

Also, I said IF I try my ult when there are twi enemies near, I die. I’ve had my first match as Toby once, like you always have a first match with a character. I can’t just magically know how much my ult can do, so I had to find it out. I found out that using it near literally any Battleborn is a bad idea so stopped using it almost completely.



Caldy’s ult is what needs work


(Gt: YaCantDutchThis) #14

So because Caldy’s ult needa work, nonother characters ult needs work?



I didn’t say that. Don’t infer so much

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(Gt: YaCantDutchThis) #16

I didn’t say you said that, I was asking if that is what you meant.
It seemed that way, because you are on a Toby ult whining topic to talk about Caldys ult without really saying why Caldy’s needs a rework and Toby’s doesn’t or maybe does. Not sure what your opinion is on that.



Toby’s ult is strong damage-wise, but has problems with execution. It has a charge up time and it seems that the sensitivity gets lowered because the beam moves slowly. Personally I think Toby already has a lot going for him, so I don’t think that it matters much.

Caldy, on the other hand… I get that when you hit a ceiling, you can fly. That makes sense. But when you hit a LEAF (overgrowth, this happened to me) while ascending why on earth would it stop you. Also, I was nearly at the peak of my launch when I hit a LEAF. So I fell back down to earth in the middle of the enemy team


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This is kinda a topic about Toby in the Toby thread.


(Ambra's Arbiter) #19

I think it should ignore everything but solid walls and it would be fine.

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(Gt: YaCantDutchThis) #20

The thing with Tobes is, if the enemy knows how to deal with him, he can be the worst guy to have in your team. He relies extremely heavily on his (extremely easy to take out) shield. Shield down=Toby down. Okay, that an exaggeration but without his shield, Toby becomes alot less interesting. He is extremely good against players who ignore him though.

I agree, the damage is fine but the ult is just not the right ult for Toby’s role. I wouldn’t even mind if they reduce the damage a bit and triple the lasers length.