His ultimate shouldnt stun you when activating

what other melee character has an ulti that buffs damage but stuns you inplace for 1.5 ish seconds. thats enough time for them to run by the time you catch up most of the ulti is basicaly finished. or do it in a group and they can kill you in b4 you even finished the animation. making him able to move when activating or just make the animation alot faster or remove in entrely should make it better.

Becouse his ulti abilities is so powerful. He is already death machine in hands of skilled player so that animation should not be tweaked. Use It where It is safe.

but why does it have an aoe componenent then. raths ulti is even better and he does is almost immediatly

Ulti itself aint very powerful, but does damage. The abilities It grants to skills is powerful. Stun plus aoe damage etc. Need to look characters as whole and not just one skill

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honestly instead of damage if it gives a overshield id easier to use honestly

Something needs to be done because el dragon is about as bad as old galie at this point. Stun you and punches like a chain gun. Melee hero Imo do to much damage. Early game the just have to play safe but late game seems like the high dps melee are just steam rolling entire teams.

lol ive had miko and rath stop me mid transformation

ive been stunned while in the using dragon splash and trying to stun them. el dragon late game if played right is good but early game hes the worst. again no other ulti has a 1.5 second self stun escpecialy for a melee thats realy stupid

Im sorry man…but El Dragon can EASILY take down 3 characters with Fuego Late game. Theres a guide somewhere here…use that, because Dragon is one of, if not the best late game melee thanks to Fuego. Learn what character can knock you out of Dragon Splash and simply pop Fuego out of sight THEN blindside with Dragon Splash…pretty much impossible to stop.


Most if not all characters have a few seconds animation on one or two of their abilities.

He doesn’t have much of an early game. Dragón is usually Lv5 by the time the match is 4 minutes in. By this point, he’s unstoppable. If you tweak ANYTHING to make him better he turns from a complete wrecking ball into the most unstoppable character. 100+ minion kills, 20+ kills, under 3 deaths, all with relative ease already.

most of those are wind ups they can move while charging the ability they dont jump in the air incapable of doing anything and making a arget of themselves

You cann’t move when activating Caldarius, Galilea, nor Benedict’s specials. Makes them huge targets. Especially Benedict because his stops you until you hit your target which makes it worse than El Dragon if someone is near your.

Montana’s stomp has a two second animation and makes you a target. He can’t move.

benedict is a giant rocket meant to be used far away or point blank
caldarius launches intothe sky = harder to hit
galileo disapears into the ground after and self heals
after the stomp is a knockup = theystop and you can run away or deal damage same for the other 2 theyeother stun or knockup at the end wich disrupts them el dragon just returns to earth you can use dragon splash at the end but its not conected to the ultimate

Deande’s is easily the worst in making you vulnerable. You literally stand there for 3 seconds, and you cannot activate the move from cloaked either. Dragons ult activation time has never been a problem in my opinion in the 75+ matches I’ve played with him.

i get that but what i mean is that after the animation you either stun or disrupt them el dragon doesnt he just lands back on his feet. all the animation on either stun knockup or makes you very hard to hit. + giving a ulti that doent do much damage and locks you inplace while being a stealth assassin imo speaks only of bad design

I have no problem with his animation. the thing I do is have clothesline throw enemies up in the air. Run in Cancel the run to get the slam, activate en Fuego, enemies should be coming down by the time Your Ultimate finishes activating, splash and just go to town on everyone unfortunate to be in the splash radius. Once you get going with him he’s hard to stop, removing that animation will make him a bit OP in my opinion. I always go 15-22 kills with 0-6(it’s easy to get carried away with him) deaths with him.

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true i tend to use clotheline as a escape button but going like that could work. Only thing i do is sometimes escaping with sliver of health but immeditly slamming down only 2 meters further

I switch it up too, Keep in mind that sometimes it depends on your teams composition. I go for the double clotheslines when my team has too much range and the enemy team has 2 or more tank/melee characters melee. slowing them down for people to pick off and then i come back in with a splash.

i mean in my panic i press q twice instead of once.