Historical and Technical Apocrypha

Many, many years ago, I made a mod for Homeworld 2 called “Mothership Warfare.”

The mod is now defunct, but I wrote a pair of accompanying Historical and Technical briefings which stand up quite well on their own. Inspired by the original Homeworld manual, the briefings tell the story of an increasingly toxic Hiigaran Empire, its growing obsession with Motherships, and the brutal civil war which breaks out over an uncharted area of space known as the New Frontier.

Here are a couple of extracts:

Dearest boy… your side-effects speak only of the flesh. Perspective is something that can never recover from being–what did those children used to call me? A Wirehead, I think, when they were feeling ignoble. Perspective never recovers from that. My true body was decommissioned years ago. It now lies buried in land, and pretends to be a museum. The replacement was deemed unworthy, and sent drifting to the centre of time. And my last body proved too much of a strain, for myself and others. What’s it like to be a Wirehead? I suppose I might live forever. But the bodies always rust.

–Karan S’jet, offering a rare interview to the Hiigaran State Chronicle. Dated 137 AHL. Shortly after, Karan vanished from public society altogether.

Each God was born in a bursting star
And their children made to suffer

The children grew and slew those stars
And Heaven was made to weep

The Demons rose, and cast the children all asunder
Where they were made to remain

Between dust
And rock
And solar storm
The Children shall endure
For there will come time
To make Heaven weep again

–Vaygr ballad.

You can read the texts in their entirety here: One for the Hiigaran and one for the Vaygr.

Hopefully they’re as fun to read as I recall them being to write!

Hi BentusiCore,

Mothership Warfare was one of the first mods I have tried, really cool mod I must say.
I had read those materials and inspired by that I created this PDF for the Kushan Light Interceptor in HWR MOD.

@Chimas - that’s a really lovely looking document (the text is from the old Homeworld Shipyards, right?). I especially like the team colour variants. Did you do any others?

(Also, points for the Blade Runner reference!)

I started the Taiidan Scout but never finished, we got a lot of stuff to do in paralel.
The core of those PDFs were the comparisons from the original HW1 to the MOD we were developing.

I created a red and yellow cover for the TAIIDAN, once in the original, there was only in blue and white. I called it “Briefing for the Taiidan Worlds Dismantling” like a post-war report so I could work with different colors, factions and races using the Taiidani weapons.

The text is from Arioch’s Shipyard, yes. The credits are in the end.

Later when I stopped I was looking for someone in Deviant Art that could do it much faster and better, but didn’t take off.

Check this:
it’s for this MOD: