History and Lore of Borderlands Anywhere

Has anyone compiled the full timeline or lore of the Borderlands series?

Gearbox did… From their website:

Thanks, this is a good start, but I was hoping there was something a bit more detailed…

I’m sure some people have made YouTube videos with the lore behind each game, but aside from reading for hours on the Wiki your best bet is to play the games themselves.

There’s quite a bit on the Borderlands wiki. (Accuracy not entirely guaranteed - some of the claims on there seem a bit dubious. Still worth looking though.)

Yeah, if you’re just looking for a refresher read the Gearbox timeline and then use the Wiki for any extra details you might want on certain things.

Speaking of lore even though its not about the timeline, does anyone know if the whole 90 hour day/ 10 years = 1 earth year (dont know if the 10 year thing was even confirmed, heard it somewhere online) thing got retconned ?

90 hour day is a thing on Pandora according to Tannis. It’s in one of the first audio logs you collect in BL1