Hit 100 and got screwed

Everyone probly knows right now you get a legendary loot pack for reaching 100. Well in my upmost intecipatiom for the legendary inside… i was thinking i get someing really usefull i got the useless litterally unusable item friction fizz… thanks gearbox. :frowning:

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That really sucks. Sorry you didn’t get anything useful. Nearly all my legendaries suck minus the character specific ones.

This is what I got for hitting 100. I’m pretty happy with it. I love it on Kleese.


It has to get fixed at some point. you didn’t get “screwed” just have a little patience.

I know it will get fixed just depressing for hittimg 100.

What are the stats?

Love this on Shayne and Aurox too

Its not the atats that are a problem it is litterally unusable on ps4 its blacked out and can be equiped but cannot be activated

Right. There was a problem with it making Kelvin invulnerable, iirc. I imagine the fix for this will come at the same time as the Overgrowth change. Must be some reason a hot fix isn’t sufficient.