Hit Boxes and Guns

I’m used to shooting at the head for crits, yet hit boxes in Decption sometimes do not appear on the enemy’s head (Human enemies).

Do I still shoot for the normal crit spot while in Deception? Or do I am for a hit box when the enemy is highlighted with hit boxes active while in Deception?

Which does more damage??

Or…do I have this wrong and I’m not seeing it the right way??

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I’m assuming you mean the highlighted hexagons that appear once you spec B0re? They should appear on the usual critspots but they are also highlighted through the enemies other hitboxes or even walls so they might appear wrong if the enemys crit is behind something that is not a critspot.

It’s just supposed to highlight crits, the usual rules still apply. I’m kind of curious where do they appear for you though?


If you’re looking at bots, their crit spots are their joints. A number of other (non-human) enemies have multiple hitboxes/crit spots. The Warrior has two tiny ones, for example; Bunker has several. For human enemies, it should be the head (unless there’s something funky with them or the view is off as described by @Lammas)



Yeah, Robots I get…their Crit spots match the hexagons.

But it was humans that they did not seem to be matching up. Badass human types with hexagons on their shoulders.

This is the first time I have played with those hexagons so I will pay better attention and try to get specifics.

Buuuuut…bottom line is shoot for the hexagons and you can’t be wrong. Correct??


Well if they appeoar on their shoulders then don’t shoot for them, go for the head on humans. That just seems wrong. I’d love a screenshot if you can get one.

I don’t pay much mind to the hexagons but if there is an enemy that you don’t know the crit spot for it can help you discover where it is (like the fact that Knights need to be shot in their ass for a crit).


Yeah, I think that was just sort of a bonus thing they tacked onto that skill? If we were all new to the game and didn’t otherwise know where the crit spots were, that would provide a great way to figure them out. In practice, looking for the “critical” text is the most reliable way to do it.

This effect is noticeable with Constructors… like the crit spot is inside the front end of the Constructor, but you can only hit it from the front?