Hit By The WTF Train

So, I was farming Dukino’s mom for Axton’s character skin from her, and I had a little problem that my frequent co-player and XBL chat partner hasn’t heard of before. I would be just entering Lynchwood at the fast travel station, go down the stairs and pause to check those two ammo boxes just inside the door…

Next thing I know, I’m respawning up at the fast travel point. Somehow the stupid train is glitching through the floor or whatever the hell and killing me even though it’s passing well under me; I’m nowhere near the thing. One time I was even running out the door without opening the ammo boxes and I still died to the train passing under me. Has anyone else had this happen, or is the WTF Train only a me-specific problem?

You can get glitch squashed from that train. I’ve had it happen to me on a few occasions. One that sticks out is getting killed while retrieving Axton’s echo from the dumpster right outside the entrance.

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When I hear the train coming I start to panic…RUN!!! :fearful:


It’s pretty well known I think. There are a few spots where the train mysteriously smashes you even though it shouldn’t. In front of the ammo boxes above the tracks is probably the most well known. I’ve had it happen to me a few times, too.

Welcome to the club :smiley:

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Oh snap son!


“Counting down… 10… 9… I got bored!”



And I’d like to add that its hitbox is higher than it looks like.
Stil. In BL2 I become very nervous when I hear that horn xD

It hasn’t happened to me, but that’s only because I was just lucky up to the point where I read many players’ testimonials to getting mashed by the train, and now I run like a maniac whenever I hear it coming and I’m around that area. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s the spot

Happened to me more than once :stuck_out_tongue:

…How does that even work??? That dumpster is so far from the tracks!

Fortunately for my sanity, I am done with Lynchwood. Dukino’s mom coughed up and I have all the area challenges done. No more reason to go there and play chicken with the WTF Train

You should have seen my reaction. I couldn’t believe it.

Probably the same reaction that explains why I call it the “WTF Train” (WTF being what I yell whenever it happens), but louder and possibly accompanied by flung objects.

The Sheriff’s Badge is reason for me.

And have been hit by the train twice

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I only got hit once- after that I wait till the train goes thru or head to the roof by taking the stairs up- have not had a problem with the train up there…

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