Hit detection of allies and enemies

I’ve been playing the game for a while now, long enough to notice a major flaw. The hit detection on enemies seems to be very small despite the speed and jumping capable by the entire cast. Take Thorn for example, she has the hardest to hit weapon in the entire game. Combine a small single projectile with a decent travel time against enemies sprinting all over the screen and you’re gonna have a bad time. On the other side of this, allies have hitboxes the size of freight trains. I’ve lost count of the number of kills i’ve missed because any character sprints in front of me. This is much much worse with characters like Montana and Toby. I’ve noticed overwatch has had some publicity on its hitboxes recently.
Here is an example vid : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UU8jqxAiHQ

While Overwatch appears to be a bit over the top in the hit detection department, the gun play does feel more smooth and responsive. I love Battleborn to death and want to see it succeed. I do think it needs some major work in this area, however.

What is everyone thoughts? Have you noticed the same?

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I have had skills/shots blocked by teammates quite a few times myself. Take OM your about to fire off your napalm grenade nope! Toby or ISIC decides to move directly in front of you and bam grenade in there back and now there butts on fire

I get why you can’t shoot thru teammates obviously, not sure what the solution is but teammates always seem to move to where you don’t want them too

What made me laugh so hard is the fact that Caldarius actually has a helix talent where his Flashbang won’t collide with allies.

Really? That’s cool! He’s on my list to play very soon, only ran one mission with him so far in order to get the trophy for playing as each Battleborn.
That’s definitely hilarious tho, having to spec into that seems… Odd? I’m not sure what the other helix option is but it could be useful I guess? With atleast the lane focused pvp

Those hit boxes are putting me off buying overwatch tbf

Sometimes Battleborn seems to have peanut sized hitboxes. Point Blank range, aim right on target and can’t get even one bullet to hit. Though at least the game isn’t overcompensating like OW :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

tbh i would rather the OW hitboxes. Much more frustrating missing every shot than hitting questionable ones.