Hit Jackpot Farming for a Hot Mama

Trying (in vain) to get a Hot Mama from Lt Hoffman I opted to go to the end of the Mount Scarab RC mission. On killing Cassius I hit the jackpot with 1 Effervescent Grenade and 4 Gold Weapons. The complete tally was 1 x Antifection, 1 x Rabid Shredifier, 1 x Floated Hornet, 1 x Perma-Sharp Gunerang and 1 x Taktikal Madhous. The drop also contained 2 x Purple’s (Shield and Grenade). Then When I went through to the Fast Travel station I opened the red chest and got a Gold Sublime Volcano Sniper. In all the years I’ve played BL2 this must be the best drop I’ve ever had. (Just a pity I still can’t get the Hot Mama… watch this space)

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