Hit the Ground Naked

Here is something I used to do for fun in BL2 and have started doing again in BL3.

Take off all your gear and drop into a map of your choice with nothing armed. No gun, shield, nade or mod.
Then run around frantically looking for gear. It is great fun and it brings back some of that initial playthrough excitement again.

If you give it a go, or already do something like it. Share here.


I have a feeling that some elements of the new play mode will be like this.

They were watching your play style very closely, I suspect :slight_smile:

Edit: dropping into a map usually means seeing a couple of vendors right there - is buying stuff OK?

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I occasinally do this in slaughter shaft when i want some extra spice in my life, It’s fun.

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I like to play no venders. Only trash piles, bins, drops etc. Sometimes I even ignore chests.

I was successfully click-baited. Giggity. (I do like the idea)


Well. The new arms race is quite similar to this. Looks fantastic I am stoked to get playing it when it’s released.

I did a full OP8 playthrough with Maya in BL2 like that. Even had an empty wallet to begin with. Got lucky and found a slag Snider in a snow pile just before Knuckledragger. It was loads of fun.

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@SpiderMurph. You called it man. Respect. :+1:

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Well you called it. Also leave it to the former vault hunter who got into the lewd business to have the contestants hit the ground naked XD.