HJC PS4 - Thank you GBX

Well, amongst some small launch negatives there are some major positives. A lot of really wanted it, and we got it. My postman delivered on time (lucky for him…lol) and my mass of anxiety and panty shitting excitement is over. Just entering the Southern Shelf again on my PS4 brings back a weird feeling of being home - in game terms. So far it’s felt great and I can’t wait to do another massive playthrough. So thank you for bringing it back.


And just updated with the final journey!!


I’m just happy to have this game back in my collection.


Glad you enjoy it, @DaRTH_FuRioN! We’ll have to get together on there again soon! :slight_smile:


Ye that would great! @DomNation and I had some fun going through the Bloodshots last night, just a Corrosive grenade to deal with the Robots was interesting :smile: I’m loving the explosions and fire effects, burning Bullymongs has never been so much fun!! lol


Great thread D, among all this negativity…

BL2 is as brilliant as ever, I’m falling in love with it all over again. :heart:

Liking the improved graphics and smoothness too, and so far I did not have any issues, and I’m positive that the existing ones will be fixed soon.

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I know what you mean by “back home” First time I heard a goliath yell, all the feels came back.

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The remaster is so well done, GBX knocked the ball out of the park.


Answer: Yes.

Will thank Gearbox and Iron Galaxy for bringing BL2 to mah XBONE :slight_smile:
Wont thank those that did TPS port for the 13gb update for TPS …seriously ._.
Wont thank Gearbox for how horrid the new forums are I miss the old one =^.^=
Will thank them 1000% times over for four players on a couch, just had a night of Mario Kart on the Wii U, followed by some Tekken Tag 2 on same machine then finished it off with some four player BL2 on mah Xbone.

Much rum was consumed :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought my hubby a copy for his sony but that sadist is playing that Bloodborne thing ._.


Was a pleasure doing it all again. Now for the fun bits. It’s RAID time!!

Damn I’m jellous about that DING 72 pic! I can’t wait til I hit it again and blitz Digistruct Peak and start farming OP8 gear.

~happy sigh~