Hm... Hate to admit it, but I think I reached the "who cares" Mindset for Battleborn :(

I visit this site less and less frequently since it seems there are no news, except the ever so rare Shift Codes for Skins.

I still got 3 XP and Loot Pack Boosts… but I didn’t even Try again to contact someone from the group in which I had a great Time and lots of success both in XP gaining and the loot Department. It was a real blast but… It’s hard for me to but the Disc into my Console.

Recently I even tried some games that I hate just for the Trophies… Dragonball Xenoverse Sucks, there I said it… it sucks a lot and I wasted lots of Time in it, didn’t make Progress there but still didn’t come back to BB… although I still got Stuff I wanted to do in BB.

Still miss some OP 5 Skins For a good Number of the cast (Even some of my Favorites left, since I thought I would finish them… but no.)

I hate that my feelings towards the game have gone so dark… but I think One thing that plays a role in it might also be this Stupid “Magnus Skin”… I don’t want to Roulette, If there was a Damn Overpriced Magnus Skin Set I’d Probably be the first to buy it and that even though I am aware how little the time will be I spent playing the game…

But it seems that won’t ever be changed.

A Season 2 Seems to be not likely anymore as well…

… and instead of playing it I go crying to the depths of the internet, hoping someone can patch up that poor Morale of Mine :sweat_smile:

Well… if anyone else got a mixed bag of feelings best place it here… :slight_smile:

Still hope for an incoming Morale Boost :star_struck:


I still have hope for the game, I know it can succeed.
We just need to believe in the game we care about. <3


I no longer really enjoy the actual game, but I’m a news/updates junkie and live for new updates to things, so I still have the Fall Update to look forward to.


But there isn’t much hope for this game

Sure there is, its an amazing game with an active development team thats commited to the game, even if people dont think so, I’ve seen first hand how amazing the battleborn developers are.
Theres always hope if we give it hope.


Sorry, but there isn’t much hope.

This game is not gonna last long.

Not with that attitude, look at the bright side and youll feel much better about the games current state.


What, having a very small playerbase?

Its very healthy on consoles, and still has amazing dedicated developers.
There is light at the end of the tunnel friend.


I’m on PC, so it’s a desolate graveyard where not even zombies want to hang out there.

There has been no events -meaningful ones- to entice people to come back for a weekend or any lengthy period of time. No effort was made by the people at the top, but a lot of effort went to making boosters to lock events behind them.

When players see a struggling game going above and beyond to ensure that in order to have any semblance of fun is to fork up more money by microtransactions, it fractures any motivation to keep playing. Hell, it discourages anyone to have any faith in every regard.

If they aren’t working hard on microtransactions, they are wasting their valuable manpower on 3v3, then working on 1v1 modes; when the game in PvP or PvE is meant for 5 man.

How do you want people to stop being disenfranchised when you see those in charge of this game repeatedly blow off their legs with a shotgun with every step taken?


Project 1v1 is a separate game if I recall


I love this damn game, but it pisses me right off. I still love my Deande, but I need to play this game to play her, and this game pisses me right off.

There’s a love past the suffering and a paradox to blame.


Wanna talk to Papa 'Splosions ‘bout ya’ problems, son?


I’m hoping something will be done about the games PvE. It wasn’t the reason I got or played the game for so long but it might keep me playing for longer…

Unfortunately the stale CC meta has gone on for so long I’ve lost all interest in the games PvP. I doubt I’ll return to it even if they do a complete overhaul of character balance. Its taken them so long to do anything about balance changes and when some changes do happen they seem completely lost and out of touch with the game, even if BB would suddenly become the most popular hero shooter out of them all I’d still have absolutely 0 trust in the games balance side, which is the bread and butter of PvP.

Doesn’t help that in class based games I’ve always been a support player, but unfortunately BB has by far the most stale support roster I’ve seen. Well, one of the stalest, Overwatch only having two main healers might have BB beat on this sad state of affairs…

So, yeah, the only reason I’m starting the game up anymore is to get OPS skins. Except then I think about the one hit wonder enemies and decide to play something else instead.

It’s been… an interesting experience, I still think BB deserved better and the FPS MOBA genre is something I’m very interested in, but I’ve pretty much moved on. Maybe a small glimmer of hope has me returning to these forums hoping for something more…

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Not really, no

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I wasn’t talking about Project 1v1.

1v1 is a sarcastic remark at how wonderful 3v3 was for Battleborn, so Battleborn is going to attempt to make a 1v1 for it too.

I have not exactly forgotten how warmly 3v3 was received.

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Okay, apologies for the assumption, that was how it sounded to me.

And I actually agree with most of your points.

It’s cool. No worries.

I blame GBX for picking their code name as Project 1v1, thus people may get confused every time 1v1 is used.

Once I get home, it’s more XCOM 2. And Stein’s Gate is 50% off on Steam.

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The game its self is pretty dead as far as updates and the devs trying to keep things fresh. Skins are cool but they’re easy to make and don’t address real issues with the game or player base.
Other than that, I don’t mind much.

PS4 is (relatively) healthy from what I’ve been seeing. I’m actually jumping into story missions with plenty of level 10 to 40 players which means they actually bought the game and are still playing it and enjoying it.

I’m cool with a low population, it’s a nice escape from the toxicity of Titanfall 2. This is the only game I’ve played recently where you can actually rely on your team mates as opposed to the rat race “every man for themselves” mentality.


Jythri mentioned they were testing a way to counter CC effects but nothing seems to have come from it sadly.
@Jythri - is this horse still kicking or was it shot dead?