Hmm... Miko's now WAY more codependent

I can understand nerfing some aspects of his self-healing, but the way it’s done now has made him WAY more codependent, and has dramatically altered his play-style. As soon as I’m alone, I’m completely wiped out - seemingly with ZERO chance to get away (particularly in early game, since I don’t even have my stun spore). I don’t think that was what was intended with:

“Now, Miko players will have to navigate spaces with more precision and rely on allies to peel off enemies more often”

Instead of nerfing biosynthesis - they should have reduced the healing received from the heal-beam augment (and maybe a 10-15% reduction to Biosynthesis - 25% is nuts). I agree he can become way too much with self healing, but being wiped out in seconds as soon as I’m alone or the enemies decide to all attack at the same time … it sucks.

I feel it would have made more sense to nerf his healing beam. He’s the only one (unless you get Ambra to rank 12) who can legitimately HEAL people.

Rank 12? How do you reach rank 12? I always seem to cap at 10

Character Rank 12 not Helix Level

Support character… should be supporting teammates… should be around teammates…

Should not be “alone” and should not survive all of the enemies attacking you at the same time.

I find it really entertaining that with the nerfs people keep having a problem with their characters dying when they’re doing things their character class shouldn’t have gotten away with in the first place.


The number went from 250 something to 193 at level 1 and even after it scales up, the nerf is about 70-100 at most which is about one hit from most enemies.

Does it really weaken him significantly both PvE and PvP wise? Nope. Not really. The number drop didn’t affect PvE much because it’s not that hard to begin with. In PvP, still has the best slow in the game that can also be used as a stun later on, still earning Miko the title of best anti-melee support char.

Peel off? As in an ally pulls any mobs off of them?

How do you actually do this? Is there a mechanic to it, I struggle like hell to pull aggro from an ally, usually the target just dies before it changes focus. The only way I have reliably been able to protect an ally is to physically get between them and their attacker, not always easy given the pinball effect you get when colliding with allies.

I didn’t get the nerf to bio synthesis either. but i guess they didn’t want to knock out their only one real strong healer so they nerfed his ability to stay in a fight or stay alive if targeted hard instead. Biosynthesis can be really strong, especially with certain gear and helix upgrades, and having increaed heal while already healing and having a constant heal button is pretty insane… btw why does miko have a constant heal it’s sorta insane especially in premades where someone like montanna or will take increased healing received gear and miko will take almost upto or above 20% healing power the amount of healing done can be insane and i feel that weird alistar effect coming in.

The point is, in cases where I am alone (like when I’m supporting a character who dies, esp because I require more maintenance myself, I have zero options but to die). The nerfs were too extreme. I agree his self-healing put him over the edge, and the goals make sense, but they overly tilted it so I have to spend so much more to heal myself, reducing my ability to focus on my allies, and when they die - then I die. It was too extreme in this case, and the self healing should have been reduced elsewhere.

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Every Single Other Character In This Game survives with less self-healing than they have now. They still deal a good amount of damage when defending themselves, with one of the smallest character profiles in the game.

Everyone’s complaining because they’re used to never dying, or never having to back out of combat, you still have an ult after level 5 which heals just as much as it did. And you don’t have to spec to heal yourself more if you just stay out of the center of combat (which is the opposite of what most Mikos are used to doing.)

And that situation you just described, where you’re supporting a front liner who died, you are not being objective about the situation. It’s a 2v2, and your teammate has overcommitted on enemies who won the fight… you have over committed by staying with them. You are in a situation where, if you lose, you deserve to die, but you’re conditioned that this doesn’t apply to a Miko, she doesn’t have to retreat from an early fight, and your front liner is conditioned that if a Miko is on him, he doesn’t have to retreat either.

I played her quite a bit today, there’s nothing wrong with her, she just plays like a support now, instead of an impossible to kill secondary front liner.

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Bear in mind, most other characters have a shield (that recharges when you back down at WAY faster rates than health regen). Miko doesn’t. That creates a large problem when you reduce his self-healing and also doesn’t have a shield. I think small reduction to both self healings would have been the right way to achieve the goal.

The entire Eldrid faction doesn’t have shields, and there are ways to buff Eldrid characters when they don’t have shields, health regen, healing received, maximum health, or just increase their shield regen until the point that it comes online.

I play Boldur a ton, I never complain that he doesn’t have a shield…

Isn’t one of his skills a huge shield? I don’t know the character well to really know what it is, but I see him with some shield :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m really not fully arguing against it the goal to nerf Miko, but it seems to have gone extreme and tilted the gameplay - not even making it unbalanced, just forcing him to perform in a particular way with less flexibility than before (which could still be achieved by not just crazy-stunting a single ability). Overall though with the two matches I played since the update (which isn’t much), both matches were really great competitions. And not sure how the match-making worked, but ended up immediately playing with some of the same people on remixed teams - which was kinda cool.

I think the early game for Miko has changed a lot since I can’t do anything but die. There are other more tactical ways to handle things - particularly when stun-spore gives some CC ability.

Now, that said, I don’t believe everything they’ve done is perfect, I don’t get why they hit both self-heals at the same time, and I think GB goes overboard on their percentages, they tend to overdo it, and then dial it back a bit later from what I’ve seen (Kleese and Ghalt for example)

But the reality is that she’s still the best healer, which means you need to have a trade-off, and she was the most survivable one. I think it’s certainly a fair trade-off to have her dump out the heals, but be easier to focus down and kill if she’s out of position.

You can certainly do things other than die, I found myself spending less time standing on the front line hooked to someone though, and more time sweeping in at the last second to help get them out of the fight they were in. It made me less of a target, and their incentive was to try to finish off the person they were chasing. Personally I like that dynamic a lot more, there’s less of an impenetrable fight and more fights which result in teams having to back off to heal up before they can re-engage.

Yes, Boldur has a shield he can block damage with, it’s his off-hand weapon, but he doesn’t have an actual electronic shield, none of the Eldrid do.

[quote="V0LUM3, post:14, topic:1444133, full:true] Yes, Boldur has a shield he can block damage with, it’s his off-hand weapon, but he doesn’t have an actual electronic shield, none of the Eldrid do.

I’m not disagreeing, but if Boldur takes crash helmet which is level 1 helix, then he essentially does have a shield for majority of the time.

An overshield for 8 seconds at a time is not the same thing… most people don’t realize it but Overshields have lower value than regular shields, his OS is only 225.

They designed the characters to be multi dimensional and offer more than one aspect. Miko is also meant to be specked as a damage dealer if the player chooses. That said, I don’t think his self heal is by any means bad now, I just don’t think it was necessary to nerf it considering characters could already easily take you down if they focus you. Most character’s can out damage the HPS on it. If they really wanted to hit miko’s survivability they should revert the nerf and instead nerf his tier 2 helix choice, “heal thyself”.

I did use the words ‘essentially’ and ‘majority’ for a reason. Yes it’s not the same, but with the right choices in your helix I found you can keep it up for 50-60% of the time and it’s an instant recharge as soon as your boulder dash cools down. So in practice it’s probably better than other shields.

… if you’re running around constantly using your dash just to get a temporary overshield, then you’re playing boldur very poorly.

I still don’t see your logic how a shield that last for 8 seconds at maximum, that’s 75 points weaker than the standard shield strength, is somehow better than a permanent one that refills itself.

I really don’t see how you came to that conclusion…

…You can use boulder dash whilst standing still, I don’t see why I would have to run around to use it???

…And my point was that you can instantly recharge the shield every 12 seconds by level 10 whilst staying in the thick of the action, rather than running away and hiding behind a rock for 5 seconds whilst your shield recharges…

…On paper, yes your shield is better, in practice I think it’s a matter of opinion…

…And at end of day, when his shield does pop, well he has another, one that regens his health for all the damage he receives…

…But the original point you made was that the Eldrid do not have shields, which is fact, which I agreed with, but if you play Boldur then you do have a shield at your disposal…