Hmmm not sure why everyone loves DLC3 so much?

Its… ok I guess , but a huge step back IMO from Handsome Jackpot which to me was perfect.

DLC doubled down on the tiny skittering land and flying enemeis (which I’ve always despised in FPS games), and the wide open areas where your vehicle gets blown up in seconds and you have to trudge across the empty landscape on foot.

The envorment was all right but I’m not a huge fan of this kind of desert aesthetic. It’s just all brown and dull looking , but Vestige is cool and comfy I guess.

The story was decent but another person trying to resurrect an ancient monster ? Hasnt this been the same exact story in every borderlands game so far including the last BL3 campaign and DLC 2?

The characters were so forgettable to me too. Even the much hyped Narrator was a bone dry run of the mill narrator with a southern drawl . Juno and Titus were forgettable too.

Music , or what little twangs there are that count as music , is utterly forgettable. Notiing like the epic sad music of Handsome Jackpot Spendicon .

The new weapons are cool, if a bit power-creepy and you really have no reason to use the older weapons now .

Overall, its decent but I wouldn’t put it in the same breath as Handsome Jackpot or Dragons Keep from BL2. Its probably the least favorite of the 3 DLCs so far


easiest and the only correct answer

Personal Opinion

Some will like it some will not. just the way the world works.
Those who like it cannot change your mind on why you don’t like it and you cannot make them unlike it


for me it just reminds me of pirate booty a bit and thats my favourite DLC so far
much aesthetics in this one


Looks like shadow warrior and xyglurous or whatever got thawed out a bit had a baby and eden 6’s dinosaurs moved in.

Now the narrator is Glorious and makes it worthwhile.


Just how… How do you keep posting exactly what I’m thinking - literally all the time?


I think for me one of the things that really works (surprisingly), is that it really feels like the vaulthunter is off on a side adventure since there are no tie-ins to the main cast. Now, I love the cast, especially the BL2 characters, but I found the new town, new mobs, new weapons, full narration and so on, really made it feel like a fresh adventure. Perfectly timed with the level increase too.

As for the music, I thought it was great, and really suited the environment. I did lean heavily on the new weapons, partly as I wanted to test them out, but my OPQ was in the top 4 for most of the DLC.

The funniest complaint to me was the plot - have you ever watched the Godzilla movies? Stranger Things? Nightmare on Elm Street? I could name dozens of properties that basically reinvent the same plot line for each iteration. As long as it’s well done I don’t mind too much.


its basically what borderlands stories are doing
some evil dude*esse tries to summon some even more evil monster so you can hunt it down :smiley:


Exactly. I say let them keep trying to summon big monsters. Gives me more to shoot at. And the shootin is good.


but yea
they could also come up with more original stories that end up in front a huge monster^^
maybe i should write one and send a ticket :v


Bl3 was literally on its last pint of blood till new content came. Of course peoole are gonna rave about it. The second dlc wasn’t that great either just gaige nostalgia (she amounts to like 30 minutes tbh) and it felt like a chore past the library. Jackbot was dope though but i dont see dlc adding much content as the tiny tina one


The landscape wasn’t awe inspiring for me, but it was really comfortable. I’m from the upper midwest, so it was familiar, and the eastern influence a nice nod to how a lot of old westerns are adaptations of Japanese films- even the music paid homage to this.

There are only 3 things I can rattle off the top of my head that I would consider genuine gripes.

  1. The beginning of the story plays by too fast. We meet Rose. She says some things, we fight along side her, her pet gets hurt, she straight up kills it. We’re in town, deputy’s weirdly chipper but threatens us ominously, he’s gone. There’s a bar fight. We meet the sheriff, we walk with him, there’s another fight, Rose is revealed as the bad guy, sheriff’s dead. All of this is crammed into 20 minutes.

  2. Rose. She was okay- her motivations were cool, and I don’t mind the repeat of waking a big monster. That’s what Borderlands is, so I had fun. But she was so flat. There was never a moment where she expressed anything other than mild confidence. This is partially the writing, and partially the voice actress. Her inflections are all the same, making her really boring to listen to.

  3. There’s an echo in Vestige from when Juno first arrives. Tidus is saying don’t trust her, yadda yadda, but Juno says something along the lines of “Don’t switch guards, there’s a traitor in your midst.” … And nothing comes of that. Literally nothing. I can only assume Tidus was going to be a traitor, but due to time constraints, they made modifications. Or it was a separate character and plot point, but due to our first meeting with Tidus, I’m guessing the former.

But despite the minor issues I had, it was still fun. Not my favorite of the 3 we’ve gotten, but still very enjoyable to mess around in… so yeah, I loved it.

EDIT: I just realized this is in the general discussions and not the spoilers, so I added spoiler tags to major plot points just in case. Will probably remove them if the discussion gets moved.


Actually I liked the guys flying those little helicopter things.
One thing I had missed in BL3 was the old Buzzards from BL2. These are close and I was happy to see them. Just wish they were a little louder though.


I miss them <3

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I loved the guy humming Flight of the Valkyries. I do miss those, even though at times they could be a real PITA…


As a huge fan of fallout, this DLC oddly gave me the new vegas vibe for some strange reason. I mean, they’re nothing alike really but still. Idk.

Eitherway, it my fav DLC out of all. Yes, even assault on dragon keep which is my #2.

The end section of the DLC were absolutely brillant and the facility map were, again as a fallout nerd, awsome.


This is how i feel about too why are people complaining about the narrator this guy is great he is supposed to sound southern have they ever watched westerns this dlc is really good.

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I would say your favourite DLC will really be up to your own personal taste. To me, from an objective standpoint they’re all fairly similar quality - inventive environments, cool boss fights, good new weapons (sorry to not see any new class mods here) and so on.

To my surprise, my favourite so far has turned out to be DLC2. The aesthetic really worked for me with the dark, purpley environments and the creepy tone. I found the environments to all be really different from each other and very imaginative. Then from Gaige to Eista, I really enjoyed the characters. The slew of legendaries were among the coolest IMO, with the likes of the Soulrender, Seventh Sense and the Anarchy. Only things I would change would be more Gaige time, better class mods and a stronger Eista invincible fight.


DLC3 is generic. There was maybe 1 hour to clear on m10 if you took out the 2 hours of slow walking around following some npc(yuck red dead 2 flashbacks). The bosses were all about 10 second fights. The items were all garbage and wasn’t very much for new items outside of crappy weapons.
So yeah I do not know why they like it. Heck have 56 friends that played and quit bl3 they must of had some kind of inside info I didn’t because not a single one came back for this xpac I was the only dumbass that did.

I pretty much agree with all the OP’s points. It’s ok - it’s a Borderlands DLC, so you know it’s never going to be bad. But in terms of atmosphere or world-building or memorable moments, so far it doesn’t come close to past favourites like Captain Scarlett or Handsome Jackpot for me.

I’m pretty unconvinced by the cowboys-meets-Japan theme, too. It just feels like oil and water to me, with the two themes existing side by side but never actually combining. Why such a odd theme, anyway? Because Kurosawa once made a Samurai movie that Hollywood happened to rip off and turn into a Western? So they figured they’d cram in elements of both worlds, thereby capturing the essence of neither? Is that really the extent of the inspiration?

Also, I’m not actually having any fun with the gameplay, seeing as how the current balancing of the game made everything ridiculously easy - at least for my Amara build. I’m basically one-shotting everything, which is fun for about 2 minutes. Maybe I need to switch to a different character and start it again.


I mean, to criticize it a bit id say the story fell off a tad mid way, besides when they drop the bomb and the last 20 minutes or so, the beginning was fantastic and the writing stayed funny and charming throughout so I don’t really slate it that much because of it. And I do agree with the weapons, I want to be able to use other guns that I like more than the dlc guns I feel like I’m stuck with if I want to do well on MH10 now. Plus for a DLC centered about western themes, there sure are a lot of fully auto legendary guns, should’ve been filled with powerful Jacobs guns imo but hey what can I do.

Loved all the dlcs so far, this one included, still have the odd criticism about all of em but I can’t deny how good they all are

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