Hmmm RIP Nukem?

Hey, haven’t went and grabbed one in a while and I used to love this launcher. Farmed one and it’s kinetic with the 300/90 annoint with it. Launched one and it did… Well not much.


Yeah, I noticed this as well.
Sadly not all weapons have been brought to the levels needed to be viable at M10/11.

Might be good on M0 though. lol

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Lol but true

Nukem is underwhelming.

Try Ion cannon from DLC1, Satisfaction from DLC3, or an annexed Jericho from base game (personal fav, but warning: this thing will probably kill you).

Its still M10 viable (on Fl4k at least) with the right build and Overkill (it can struggle its way through Maliwan TTD). Expect to be pretty decent on Moze too if she doesn’t kill herself with it. Of course its not in the league as your Plaguebearers and Backburners, but thats to be expected - it was designed for a different difficulty.

They buffed Tunguska on this new patch at least, have some in my bank, can’t wait to test it out.