HNeed help please,please

I got to lv 30. Absolutely suck at getting legendary drops. Was looking forward to tinks in Jacob’s but these elitists who don’t care about the casual gamers removed them last patch. Ran 30 times and only saw one. Because my gear sucks he got away. I am tired of their elitist behavior.
Is it possible to delete the game. and start over playing only offline so I can have an actual game experience where there is actually rewards for killing bosses??? They did this in BL2 also and ruined that game ad well, they only care about the streamers and heavy players, they do not care about casual gamers at all.

Will it work to delete game, unplug xbox from internet and reinstall it. Then play offline and enjoy the game as it was released before they started catering to the streamer and elitist? Just want to enjoy a great game, but they have already taken that from me. Lv 30 with no legendaries is nutz