Hoarder Looking for M10 gear trades (new spreadsheet list)

Back again with an ever-growing list of M10 gear to trade.looking for meta and non meta M10 gear only. Most trades considered with good anointments.

Message me here or shoot me a pm.
Psn CaptainHowdy_1

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Hi. I have a couple of decent M10 guns to offer :slightly_smiling_face:

image image

Willing to let go of the sandhawk or the yellowcake for this? M10 as well.

@madsj sure thing let me know what you want in return.
@SquirtGunBandit yea which one would you like?

Hello, here is what I’ve found so far, all for trade ^^

Nemesis Fire 200ASA
Maggie 200MeleeSLAM
Maggie GammaBurst
Duc 200ASA
Foursum Shock 200ASA
Infinity Corro 250Phasecast
Wagon Wheel LowLife150Raddmg
Grease Trap SNTL100
Night Hawkin LowLife150Raddmg
Hyperfocus Fire 100ASE
Hyperfocus 200ASA
Assault Rifles
Carrier ConsecutiveHits
Carrier 300dmg90+health
Shredifier LowLife150Raddmg
Rebell Yell 200ASA
Rebell Yell 250Phasecast
Warlord Corro 250Phasecast
Star Helix Shock 250Phasecast
Gatlin Gun 250Phasecast
Rowan’s Call Fire LowLife150Raddmg
Projectile Recursion x2 Shock/Cryo crit25ASE
Sledge’s Shotgun x8 Siren75RadASE
Lump Corro x2 300PhaseSlam

I would like the Maggie (SNTL Cryo) and the Yellowcake :slightly_smiling_face: We have traded Before. PSN: Mads_J

Sounds good give me a little bit to get them sent

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@madsj items sent thanks again.

Thanks. Sent mail your way.

@Adrion54 let’s start with Maggie Gammaburst and corrosive Infinity phasecast.

What would you like in return?

Well only the 200ASA Krakatoa for the moment, I’ll ask you for one other item later as you’ll get new stuff that could interest me ^^
I’ll send you the Maggie and Infinity asap

Ok sounds like a plan. I’ll be updating my list later.

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Sent Krakatoa

OPQ asa200 cost effective that is x2? Damage? I just got one about 8k.
Oldridian asa200 without scope but sight is ok?
Shoot you psn picture meta gears

Thanks ! Maggie and Infinity sent ! ^^

Hi :slightly_smiling_face: Would you be interested in this Night Hawkin (burst fire/semi-auto) with 115% rad Gamma Burst? I will trade for your O.P.Q System with 200% ASA. I’ve been farming for ages on M10 for a good one - but drop rates are very low. Thanks.


@kenet_550111 I’ll have to check it im currently at work but I’ll get back to you.
@Adrion54 awesome man thanks list will be updated this afternoon.
@madsj I’m down, but won’t be able to send for 8 hours so let me know if you find one before then.


Sounds great - if you happen to have the O.P.Q. System with SNTL Cryo i would prefer it with that anointment :wink: But if not I’ll stick to the one with 200% ASA. I’ll let you know if my luck changes and one should drop for me - but i doubt that :rofl:
Item sent your way. Thanks.

Yes, please update your list. Will take a look later for a trade.

I have M10

Fish Slap Grenade ASA grenade dmg +150

Corr kooson ASE 50 rad next 2 mags

Rad Engulfing shredifier x2 100ase

rad corr destructs spinner 125 splash ase

wagon wheel 100ase

Maggie 50 corr next 2 mags

Destructo Spinner Splash 125 ASE

corr cuts man phase cast 250

DNA ase 75 rad (siren)

Scourge 75 Rad (siren)

Rad Faisor 125 to badass ase

Bullet Buffet Old God +50 rad ase (M4, shields don’t get boost)

Interested in your YellowCake launcher