HOD file too big

I never saw this before. 46MB HOD:

 HOD file is too large! 
 HOD file is too large! -- FATAL EXIT -- parentmesh/580:! --stack trace--    
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Yes, there is HOD file size limit.

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Not necessarly at this level. I’ve made a 45 MB HOD work for a half-million triangle space station and I have, for HW2C, a 104 MB one.

EDIT: now I remember why I didn’t port it to RM, HODOR doesn’t like the 262 MB 8K texture, apparently.

Mine was a background HOD, maybe there are different rules for ships… That will teach me to use 8888 for the planet textures…

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Back in the old HW2 days, CFHodEd3 would crash if the poly count was above 12000 polies on a single mesh. A lot of ships I’d have to divide into three different meshes to get the tangents to work properly and save without crashing. Seems a bit different from your error, but I have noticed that HODOR doesn’t like single meshes over 12000 either, so I always just break the mesh up.

This one went through HODOR fine but the game itself crashed with that message. Easily solved by compressing the textures using dxt1.