HODOR 2.0 - trouble loading files

A handful of people have reported issues loading files from the new HODOR - seeing this error:

Unknown mesh group type

And this is on an (apparently) otherwise solid ship, with no Goblins, etc.

However, the examples of this bug that have been sent to me load just fine. Which raises a very large red flag.

If anyone with this issue can speak up here, I need a few things:

  • What build are you on? Public? Patch_Preview?
  • What is the full error code?
  • PM me with a link to the HOD if possible.

I’m more than a little surprised that this is looking common, because every example I’ve seen looks fine - which may mean the real issue is something else entirely…


I don’t have any examples to contribute currently, as I have not seen this error yet. I’ve HODOR’d 20 basic ships so far.

I can load the files - just fine. I’ve even provided pictures when it helped convince :wink:

However, a dump of one of those crashes seems to suggest this is some OTHER error that is just nuking the hell out of the stack, and this happens to be where it lands. It seems odd, but actually heavily optimized code is often like that. Something goes wrong, isn’t caught, and crazy memory is processed - since this error is due to expecting a very narrow range of inputs, it is where the failure is finally kicked out.

Hopefully I can work with somebody to locate the core issue.


Disregard my case. I mentioned the error, but my case was caused by goblins.
These pesky goblins, evil little creatures.

I believe I know what’s up!

There’s a spot in the code that loads HOD files for FX that doesn’t listen to -traceHODs. So when your ship is loading, and it’s fine - the connected elements (events file, mostly I think) - will try to cache various FX, and one of those is loading a HOD that hasn’t been updated.

Now you know.
Knowing is half the battle.
Go Joe!


FX checked :wink:

I ran into this on a custom missile, no -traceHODs error, but since I only had a few files in the test it was easy to find. It wasn’t with the new HODOR, I was actually using a HW2 vaygr missile and renaming it as a proxy, so the copied file was the prepatch version. When I used the post patch file the issue went away. Looks like missiles are another spot that may not have the exception handling for -traceHODs hooked up

Unknown mesh group type (1) – FATAL EXIT – basicmesh/602:! --stack trace–
Restoring video mode

My missiles did the same thing, but -traceHODs points directly at them.

Yay! I can confirm that this causes the problem. It works perfectly after I updated my fx .HOD that is used by the weapon of the ship.

A folder inside of the HOD of the missile & FX began priority to processing.
Subsequent work is becoming is a still check proceeds.