HODOR finally updated!

HODOR has also been updated!

  • Will now accept ‘bad’ UV maps when Normals are needed and generate valid ‘safe’ default Tangents/BiNorms. Obviously a surface without valid UVs won’t need normal mapping - but it will fall back to properly using the surface normal and not turn black. @Nathanius this resolves your issue with ‘dark’ areas missing proper UVs…

  • ‘blank’ shaders like innateSS work great now - as does matching an unknown shader to a solid default. @Pouk this fixes your opaque sub-system issue if you swap to innateSS (I hope!).

  • You can add your own shaders WITHOUT hacking SHADERS.MAP (meaning you don’t have to stress about us updating over your edits)… Just make your own XXX.MAP file (or many!) - and the game will load any it finds after SHADERS.MAP.
    – If you author new shaders (it’ll happen eventually) - be a nice guy and publish your custom .MAP file so that others can use them :smile:

  • ‘Long’ node names will now break into a shorter node with sub-objects to store the extra params - I will create an example soon so that people can see it in use. RODOH understands this when creating a DAE, so some ships may already be converted that show the proper node layout.

Other issues or requests, let me know!


Yes! Thank you. I’m going to update the subsystems right now.

I’ll be away in about 20 mins, so let me know ASAP if you have issues I’d need to work on…

Sorry I just checked back. I don’t want to spoil the excitement, but right now, using the HODOR.exe created today and exporting the HODs that I’ve checked are also freshly updated, it still looks the same.
But I’ll go play around with shader names and check for all kinds of human errors on my part first.

No I don’t see what I’m doing wrong. Current HODOR (577kB), reexported DAEs using your suggested MAT[innateSS] material name, HOD file successfully made out of it again just now. In game it looks the same. I don’t know what else to look into. Double check exports maybe…

Hrm - if you can’t get it, and you don’t mind sharing, send me your mesh again? Or hell, your DAE would be better. Or, we can just Skype/Gchat/etc at some point and I can walk you through debugging it on your setup directly - which is frankly probably faster overall.

The proof is in! The textures are now coming through without the odd black areas :smiley:

I need to tone down that bump map though…

But I want to try out RODOH first!!


I love it when a plan comes together…!

As Rob from Blackbird would (and did, often) say: Your ship has the wrong sense of scale. It doesn’t feel ‘big’ in part because your bump-map is so uniform. Those ‘deep’ cuts are fine, used sparingly - but you really need to suggest/create a sense of ‘smaller’ details. Smaller/sharper bumps, more ‘bump depth’ variety, etc.

My other critique would be that with normal maps at your disposal, some parts of the ship are probably 2x or more too high polygon - I mean that thing is quite a res killer. That said, if you’re only going to get a handful of those in a scene, it should be fine.

It is a very, very nice model though - we can talk sometime if you want to explore custom shaders for your nacelles… I’d talked to @Major_Stress about his ‘classic’ xmas lights version (which I am 99% sure we can make look exactly like the real-world model) - your wouldn’t need to be super complex…


I’ve been working on that bump map all night actually, here’s what I’ve got now:

Isn’t she georgeous? :smiley: This particular ship is the flagship, and the stock standard Sovereign class ships aren’t going to be flooding the screen too, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. I think it has a better sense of scale with the bumps caused by the aztec-ing on the hulls cleaned up. I’ve only done the top of the saucer though, the rest will follow after sleep~~

As for nacelle shaders, that would be pretty awesome! MajorStress and I were discussing them not two days ago! There’s a few components to this, and the bussards are different between Star Trek eras, but a couple of semi-transparent options should cover us off. I’ll hit you up in a PM when we’ve got our first ship ready to try that shader on :smiley:

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nat u r making me drool over that baby =)

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Just want to say, need it :smiley:! It looks really nice

older era ships would use transparency, nav lights, and mad animations. The sovereign (and several other ships) need animated textures.

Just tested with my existing test ship and it looks like this is an either/or thing (i.e. if childobject PARAMS exists, use those params, else pull all params from name). Am I correct in assuming that?

No - it shouldn’t be…

The code works like this:

  • Here’s a node with name ‘BLAH[XXX]_BLEH[YYY]’
  • Find me BUTT
  • No? Does the child have a child node called ‘SUB_PARAMS’?
  • If so, for each child of S_P, apply the node name search

I don’t know what behavior you’re seeing though… It’s pretty ‘new’ code - so I wouldn’t be shocked to find issues, tbh.

It also doesn’t try to split very many outgoing nodes from HOD->DAE in RODOH. That’s because the first Param of a Node is very important (it determines routing and type awareness) - and as such that one can’t be split or moved into a child…

I’m enjoying the way I don’t have to delete the extra empty directory trees that the old version randomly created…!

Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant. I just had the order wrong in the check in what I said.
I’m not seeing any problems, I just wanted to make sure that other issues wouldn’t come up if I use the same approach for anim holder nodes as I’m using for navlights (using custom properties on the object and having the exporter re-build the node name with the properties appended in) since that seems cleaner to me from an end-user perspective than having a weird node tree.

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Oh, another question: is Y-Up/Z-up detection in, or is that still in the “maybe” list for HODOR features (possibly waiting for the HOD revamp)?

Oh and a quick note to say thank you for fixing the folderpath funkiness HODOR was originally having.

No need to thank me, I had a really dumb typo in some code :wink:

I am honestly not sure - it’s not super high on my list - though if you want to help raise it, that’s great too. I just need a set of scenes in DAE that are identical in HODOR - but with/without the axis settings, so I can calibrate any code I write to compensate/remove them. I’ll also just have to play with it.