HODOR/RODOH scripts, for maintenance of mods and conversion of classic mods

I have a set of scripts I use for HODOR, including tools to facilitate using classic CFHodEd editing or to convert all the hods from a HW2 mod to the new version. These were ultimately adapted from scripts provided by Bitvenom, so some of them probably have debris they don’t need from the adaption process, but I’ve used them a bunch without trouble.

Documentation is included, but I’ll copy it here.

Place the contents of this archive in GBXTools\HODOR. Four scripts are included, in combination of two categories

Single… scripts take an individual file and convert it.
Mass… scripts convert every file in a given directory structure. This can take a while!
…Classic_to_DAE scripts convert a .HOD file from Homeworld 2 to a collada model file and associated textures.
…DAE_To_Remastered scripts convert a collada model file and textures to a Homeworld Remastered .HOD file.

Each one comes with a .txt file and a .bat file. To change what is being targeted you need to edit the .txt, the .bat will feed the script to HODOR. These scripts generally assume you are keeping the files in a mod directory structure, so you don’t just have a ship at “C:\MyShip\MyShip.Hod” but rather that you have it in, at the least “C:\MyMod\ships\MyShip.hod”. The scripts will break if this assumption is not true.

Configuring a Single script:
In both single scripts the first four lines of the text file define, in order, the mod directory the file you are converting is placed in, the type of hod it is(ship, background, missile, etc), and the name of the hod itself. These should be the only ones you need to edit, then run the appropriate batch file.

Configuring a Mass script:
The mass scripts are a bit less consistent. The DAE to remastered script assumes you have a “mymod\data” directory while it will put finished hods, and a “mymod\hodor_staging” directory where you’ll put your DAE files, with a directory structure to match the data directory. That is, you’ll have a “mymod\hodor_staging\ship\myship.dae” and it will put the result in “mymod\data\ship\myship.hod”. Classic_to_DAE takes a mod root directory in the first line, then further down the line starting with " = -$CONVERT_OUT= " defines where it puts files.

If you want to make a new HWR hod using CFHodEd, make a hod in a mod-like file structure, configure the single_classic_to_dae script and the single_dae_to_remastered scripts to point to the appropriate places,

If the documentation or scripts are too messy for you to make use of please let me know and I’ll try to improve them based on your feedback.


Where does the Windows Batch File take the hod file. I followed the guide issued by you for single Classic to DAE.txt… But when it started the hod file didn’t changed to DAE it stayed as Hod.

Again where does the Windows Batch File provided in the scripts actually take the hod file?
Or am I missing something important?

The first line of the script file(the .txt file) tells RODOH where to get input file, your classic hod, the second line tells it where to put the .dae file it creates from it.