HODs and ship patching questions

  1. I’m looking at the old Vaygr carrier HOD in CFHODED, and the new Vaygr carrier HOD in HWRM. Did these get mirrored/flipped at some point? Because in CFHODED the comm tower is on one side of the ship, and in HWRM it is on the other side of the ship.

  2. I’m trying to patch some new hardpoints into the HWRM Vaygr carrier model and have achieved some success. The new production modules appear in the correct positions. However, they are skewed/squished/rotated terribly. I made sure to enter the Direction, Position and Rest values exactly as seen in CFHODED. Should I be entering them differently? Does it matter if the Direction and Rest nodes are not nested inside the Position node?

Here is the old HW2C ship:

Here is the new HWRM ship that I’m having trouble with:

Any help would be appreciated.

Old CfHodEd mirrored the view from some reason. The Bridge is supposed to be on the right side. Given the Carrier in the game still has it placed correctly, I presume it’s just the way CfHodEd renders it again.

Isn’t it because CFHod renders with DX ? (TL;DR - agreeing with Pouk)

Mikali, I am certainly happy to help… anyone actually stress testing and using ship patching (And also, you know complaining so it gets better…) is getting my full attention.

That said, can you post some shots? Getting these and loading them is MUCH more work in this context - and I may be able to give advice if I see the script and a few basic pictures…

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I have a question to the developers, what would change version of HOD?
All mods broke and fix their biggest problem!
After these changes, I can hardly raise my mod!
Developers can return to fix it?

All mods have to reexport their hods using the newer version of HODOR.
Also this thread is not about that topic?

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I understand that, but I asked the question - why change HOD version?
Still working well, why break something that worked?

Eh - the structure was a mess, loading slow, throwing data all over the place, in the wrong order (shaders before the textures they depended on?!), etc. The speed and function of something like a graphics-intensive program is VERY strongly tied to the data formats it reads. If we read the ‘old’ format we’d have not made things look as nice or run as well. Simple. And since ‘perform better’ and ‘look better’ are our priorities, the data changed.

Life is hard. Things change. Especially data formats.


For the game need a convenient tool, developers are planning it?

He’s a dev and he just made your game run more efficiently…
Modders will adjust. If you could convert DAE into HOD before, you can do it again.
If anything, ship patching opened a branch of modding for people with zero experience with 3D software.

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For the game need a convenient tool, developers are planning it?

  • For the person who can create ships, the ‘by far’ most convenient tool they can ever wish for is the 3D editor of their choice, without extra steps.
    And with HWRM we got that. We now don’t have to spend our time bothering with CfHodEd, in which it would take us twice or three times as much time. So this is a great improvement.

  • And the person who can’t create ships, can’t create ships… Do you miss kitbashing that much?
    But you can now add turrets, which is somethig you couldn’t before and which is part of the new format change.

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CfHodEd was very comfortable and there was no analogues to it , developers would be nice to create something like that.
With the new system just need to do a bunch of operations for the implementation of the ship!

CfHodEd was authored by somebody no longer active - in addition the format isn’t for live editing - it IS lossy. Period. We don’t make tools we can’t support - a full 3D editor when so many exist already? Not going to happen.

I’d suggest looking at the work that @PayDay is doing with his DAE editor (there’s long active thread on this forum about it) - it will eventually fill very similar roles, I think…


Thank you look necessarily!

For the risk of sounding like an arrogant as*hole, the only people who found CfHodEd comfortable were the ones that couldn’t create good quality assets.
I’m so sorry, but it is true. You can either model and then your weapon of choice is your 3D editor and anything else is worse, …or you only kitbash.
And I’m not even talking about good modellers, I mean to be able model something, ‘anything’, in the first place. If you can do that (and it’s not that much to ask for), then CfHodEd really is a downgrade.
Or to put it simply, you don’t need another editor akin CfHodEd, because that Max or Blender ‘is’ your CfHodEd.

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I know a lot of modders are good models and used CfHodEd, and fashion looking good!
Suppose a person is able to create a 3D model, but it does not understand its implementation process in the game , CfHodEd gave a rapid implementation !
I personally know how to translate the DAE in the HOD, but now I have a problem - a lot of new textures which I do not understand until the end of the ship and looks weird in the game, before it was all good!

So in essence you’re upset/concerned with the more modern shader model - various material channels (glow, spec, refl, etc) merged together (generally to optimize against compression artifacts or save GPU RAM), which aren’t immediately viewable before HODOR does the processing.

I feel like that’s honest, but that is also what almost any modern engine is going to do - the tools will catch up. I imagine that @PayDay 's tool (WHICH NEEDS A NAME SO THAT I CAN STOP DOING THAT…) will end up with some sort of basic preview for known materials (like ship), as he seems very on the ball, capable, and I am willing to help if need be.

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I hope that @PayDay create a convenient tool like CfHodEd.
Many games have a handy tool for modding, I will wait for the results!
I think the debate is over :wink:

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This paradigm shift meets so much resistance.

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