HODs and ship patching questions

How to explain Loader software? Not as easy to accept :wink:

There is almost certainly a bug in HODOR - related to the ‘Unknown mesh group type’ error some people are seeing. Looking at it now, will push an update as soon as it is resolved. The short answer is that it relates to an old legacy mode for vertex data that is somehow being turned on…


Yeah I just got that error ten minutes ago on a placeholder ship that was made by RODOH.

CfDaeEd ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (that’s a joke, obviously ^^)

PayDay’s tool will be a great one, no doubt.
But I just hope you understand that HOD files direct editing (like with CfHodEd) will NEVER be possible


I would name it Daedalus.

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or DAEnerys, to keep the GoT theme :stuck_out_tongue:


I admit defeat.

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It is efficient and methodologically a bad way, but I still continue to use the CFHodEd.
You might also be aware of the current HOD format.
I am using the CFHodEd of Ver4.1.
When you are done with your work in one way, and save it with CFHodEd of Ver 3.2.0.
Extract the DAE file in RODOH from here, it is output in HODOR added to the rework.
I will update the HOD using this process, we succeeded in playing the MOD.

(Translation might be strange)

It will be very easy to do it properly once DAEnerys gets editing features.

Imagine a world where DAEnerys could use RODOH to import an old HOD, edit the DAE, and use HODOR to save in a new HOD.

That would be epic, isn’t it ? ^^

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Yes. I am also focused on the great work on DAEnerys!
When it raised the outcome, we believe give happiness to many of the author.

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DAEnerys will conquer the kingdoms, don’t you know?
Use the dragons to access HODOR.exe and RODOH.exe and convert the hell out of it.