Hodunks or Zaffords.. does it make a difference?

Back again for more expert advice.

I’m not sure if choosing either side will make a difference to what reward i get at the end of it.

If there is a different gun/grenade/shield etc, what would benefit my solo siren most? Or is there no difference?

Any help would be greatly appreciated… thanks to previous help, i restarted as i was too over leveled and i’m having a blast now!

Side with the Hodunks, Mick could drop the lovely and powerful revolver Maggie.
Side with the Zafords, Jimbo has a chance to drop the slag SMG, Slagga. Which is pretty damn useful in UVHM.

I love the Slagga on my Maya. Side with the Zafords, you can farm Jimbo for it.

Unless youd prefer the Maggie. Which is awesome too. I always have a hard time deciding on new characters.


@Kitty_Jo hit is on the nose.

The only further advice I will give is it’s usually advisable to see which of the two (Maggie or Slagga) would best suit the character your playing. Some benefit from one way more than the other.

But if this is your first playthrough, don’t bother giving it alot of thought. You’ll far exceed the level cap by the time it becomes relevant to farm the thing. Just go with what feels best with the plot.

If you’re asking for UVHM/OP purposes, then I’d advise to do a bit of research as it may come in handy to know which suits your lad or lady.


The other thing to note apart from the farming opportunities is the different quest rewards. If you side with the Hodunks you get the Landscaper shotgun, if you size with the Zafords you get the Chulainn smg. I like both, though have noticed a lot of prejudice against the Landscaper :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually go with Zafords myself, because the Slagga is a damn fine armament and slagging tool. Also because of general sympathy with the Irish.

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It’s in your interests to side with both, on different characters. The Maggie is excellent, and ammo efficient, compared to the Harold, but a Slagga is borderline essential for UVHM unless you’re Maya (Ruin/Scorn). That’s what I did, My Maya sided with Zafords, my Sal sided with the Hodunks. That way you can farm both and use Claptraps stash to share the weapons between characters :slight_smile:

Edit: Axton may not been a Slagga too due to slag turrets.


If memory serves me, you’re playing as Maya, right? And you haven’t reached UVHM yet, right? If this is the case, then my advice is to go for Maggie. Slag isn’t necessary in TVHM or NVHM, so this is a great opportunity to try it out. But for UVHM… What the others said! Once you reach UVHM, slag is a must. And even if you’re perfectly fine using only Scorn and Ruin for slagging, it takes some time before you reach the level where you can use both. That’s when the Slagga makes most sense on Maya.

Chulainn or Landscaper? Chulainn is a really powerful SMG, and it would be on most top gear lists, if it wasn’t for one thing… It will slag you when you wield it. Landscaper… Apparently, a handful of players actually like this gun, but most of us poke fun of it. Let’s just leave it at that! :wink:

One gun that often gets overlooked in this mission series is the Triquetra. A very good Jakobs shotgun that works very well on Maya.


To add to what others have said - in NVHM or TVHM it really doesn’t matter. You’re probably not going to use the Chulainn or Landscaper, and the Maggie or Slagga probably won’t drop (10% drop chance for legendaries). Farming isn’t a thing until UVHM since the act of attempting to farm will quickly level you past your desired drop. If you were desperate for a good slag gun in TVHM, I guess you could farm Jimbo and not worry about the damage from the Slagga, but my understanding is that people like the Slagga so much because it’s a fairly high-damage slag tool. And Maya of all characters does not need slagging help, especially in TVHM (for UVHM prior to level 68 and Scorn, I was fine with Ruin and an occasional slag transfusion grenade toss, for what it’s worth).

FYI, if you don’t already know about the wiki it’s a very handy resource. Though I certainly don’t mean to discourage you from asking here! But the wiki will be faster and just as good for factual questions like who drops what. Arguing about which is better for a particular character and/or play style - that’s a forum specialty! :smiley:


Thanks so much for all the feedback.

Yeah i’m playing a solo Maya and i’m on nvhm currently, so i think i’m gonna try for the maggie… not gonna farm though!

Also i have bookmarked the wiki so thank you for that :slight_smile:

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I have a Speed Dial page just for BL :grin:

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what i do, back up save, side with hodunk farm for maggie then save the maggie in claptrap locker. Load up save side with zafords then farm for slagga.

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Go for the Slagga in normal mode or TVHM, it should last you forever since you just want it to slag anyway. Go for the Maggie in UVHM, as its a really good gun for Maya.

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Or side with both but one each on different characters, because who only has one at this point? :slight_smile: