Hola a todos, soy nuevo. TAPIZ DE VIOLENCIA

Al configurar en la sirena las habilidades pasivas, hay una azul que es TAPIZ DE VIOLENCIA. No tengo claro lo que significa “aplicar un efecto de estado”.
Gracias. :slight_smile:

Google translate is being weird:

I’m going to guess this is actually ‘Violent Tapestry’ (blue tree, first row, right hand skill)?

A status effect is anything that deals damage over time to the target. Examples would be burning (fire DoT), corroding (acid DoT), electrocuting (shock DoT), and so on.

A fire weapon, for example, does fire damage when its projectile hits, but it can also impart a burning status effect (the target is now on fire) which lasts for a certain time and does damage on a regular basis until it ends.

Moving to Amara section for further discussion just in case I misinterpreted the Google mistranslation…

Muchas gracias, eso es exactamente, “Tapiz Violento”. Ya entendí el significado, tengo Corrosión, en mi personaje. Saludos.

I’m still laughing at the idea of an action skill perk called “Rapid Towel”!!

:wink: jaja