HoldSquare Reapers - 21+ Casual Gaming Community

The HoldSquare Reapers are a GLOBAL online PlayStation gaming community for adults. No matter which games you are playing right now on your PlayStation, chances are, there’s a bunch of Reapers playing it too. So, if you are over 21 years old, have a mic and you are looking for a laid-back, fun-loving, mature group of gamers to hang out with, you’ve come to the right place. WELCOME TO THE REAPERS!

Our members are spread far and wide across the world from the US and Canada to the UK and Australia. You see, we are all adults, most of us with full-time jobs and/or families and we LOVE video games! Since the early days of Ataris, the games have changed in many ways but some things will always stay the same - no matter how amazing and epic the games become, it’s just as important WHO you are playing with! So many of us have gotten fed up over the years playing games with 12 year olds or immature douchebags who ACT like they are 12. You know who I mean, the kind of people who know nothing about teamwork and only care about their own personal stats.

That’s why we founded the Reapers. An all-adult gaming group dedicated to teamwork, respect, and HAVING FUN! We wanted to start an active gaming community especially for grown-ups that was competitive, yet still casual. What do I mean by that? We are “casual” gamers; meaning that this is not our career - it’s a hobby. And we treat it as such. However, we are all competitive and we always like to do our best, but at the end of the day we remember that these are, in fact, games.

The Borderlands series has a special place in the hearts of Reapers with our community having started from a single thread on the Gearbox forums over 5 years ago. With the games making the transition to the PS4, we’re as active as ever.

We like our members to be reasonably active on the forums over at HoldSquare.com where we all gather and chat about our favourite games, share tips and strategies and hang out. So, even though we are “casual”, we are also INVOLVED, ACTIVE, and PASSIONATE. Everyone is here because we were all looking for the same thing. So, if you are just looking for a forum to drop by and visit every few weeks, this isn’t the place for you.

Some of the other games we play:

Assassin’s Creed – Our Reaper Assassins are ever faithful to their honourable cause. We are a community not a clan. K/D means nothing (as if it does for AC anyway :P) Sick of OSBs and people stealing poisons for a measly 100 points? Come and play with us!

DCUO – Our DCUO league is on the US servers and has been around since DCUO launched over 4 years ago and we accept members of all roles, combat ratings, and skill levels. Multiple events run throughout the week to keep everyone entertained.

Destiny – The Reaper Guardians are on patrol at all hours. Whether we’re raiding Crota or b*tch-slapping Xur for not having the Legendary weapon we wanted, you’ll find someone to run with. We have no level requirements or preferred classes, just jump in and have fun!

Final Fantasy – We have always had a steady following in these games and with FF:XIV having a firm home on the PS4, we play often! Our free company is on the Midgardsormr server and our Final Fantasy Reapers are extremely helpful regardless of your level and ability in-game.

So, if I haven’t scared you away, come over and say hi or for more info check us out at http://www.holdsquare.com.

Press square to play. HoldSquare for greatness.


So, the Handsome Collection’s been out for a little while now and new peeps are reaching that lvl 72 mark. I’m not quite lvl 72 yet but getting there has been a lot easier since running with this group…they know their stuff!

Definitely worth checking out if you need some Borderlands help or gaming help in general.

Went to register on the site to checkout the forums and stuff but there’s way too many annoying hoops to jump through…No thanks

Just registered and sent an application in :smile:

Uh yeah, if making an introduction post letting everyone know who you are and signing a code of conduct qualifies as “too many hoops to jump through” we probably aren’t a good fit for you anyway…

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Don’t forget all the stupid questions that come with the account registration…

But yeah, that’s exactly what I already said.

One of us! One of us!

Hey! We’re still actively looking for people interested in becoming a part of our community. If you think we’d be a good fit for you, drop by our website and check us out!

We’ve got an awesome new contest going on over at HoldSquare.com where we’ll be giving away a hard copy of Battleborn on PS4. Check it out!!


HoldSquare.com. If u thought u love gaming now, come join our Adult gaming Community and you’ll see how the Reapers brings gaming to a whole new level!

I joined this clan about 2 years ago. I jumped through the “hoops” filled out the app and waited.
When i got my response from them i was hesitant but was very interested in what they had to offer as far as a gaming community goes. Coming from hardcore PC gaming for 15 years my hopes we not high and i was skeptical.

Talk about an eye opener. like i said, that was two years ago and I’m still here.
I’ve game with some of the worlds best and very possible some of the worlds worst in this clan and what make them exactly the same is attitude. Everyone is pretty tight here. Friends, and family.
This clan has a clothing line, holds Con events annually, does weekly podcasts, has a plethora of live streamers.
I can honestly say this is EXACTLY what a gaming clan is supposed to be. Everything from HCG to NEWBZ and all fit together perfectly.

I was the best decision I’ve ever made when it came to my gaming. Well worth the 3 min 27 seconds of hoops I had to jump through.