Holiday Krieg-tings

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #1

Hey fellas!

Some of you might recognize me from flooding the Battleborn fan creations section with my art! Iā€™m making a small invasion here now. :wave:

This year I started patching a hole in my cultural knowledge by playing through the Borderlands games ā€“ completed the first and just started the second one not too long ago. When deciding which character to play there was only but one winner because of the insanely fashionable sweater he wears ā€“ so fashionable I had to honor it with some (topical) fanart.

Happy holidays, and remember to be careful with sharp objects!

(Done with mixed media on paper).

x beya

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(Balthazarn) #2

I think he does a perfect job as a christmas tree to be honest

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