Hollow Point Bug?

So hollow point damages your team mates yourself your pets everything. tested this last night and am hoping for a fix soon. i can barely farm with friends because of it


Same dude. Crit FL4K here and cant even play Mayhem 3 Arena with my friends… 2 play Siren melee and always instantly die from my Hollow Point. It’s like always a onehit… we need to be able to redo or describe guardian skills… put all my points into that tree and start to being tilted… because changing character won’t even help cause guardian is global… big oof need a statement

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this 100% has to be a bug i’m sure a patch will come out soon for it

Atleast that you damage your PET and friends, damaging yourself is understandable. There should be still an option for disabling this skills like in BL2

Yeah, there needs to be a way to select what effects you want. Ended up getting Hollow point by accident (was absentmindedly leveling up perks not thinking at the time) and now getting some weapon challenges let alone playing with other people have become nearly impossible/ more hassle than its worth.

I play as Fl4k and this is a major problem for me. FIX THIS NOW!

do you still have the problem ?

Strange. It still does self damage but it shouldn’t be doing friendly fire anymore.

but self damge is a problem for me i can’t play with pump and i can’t disable this skill