Holodome Discussion Thread

I’m surprised there isn’t a topic yet (If there is, please excuse, redirect, and flog me)

I got to the 5th round today and during the 4th wave, accidentally air boosted too soon and fell into the blades. It was super frustrating, but fun. I played on my lvl 50 Nisha on TVHM, and the first few rounds were under my level, but were still challenging. I like that this feels like the underdome from BL1, and even more so with the new enemy types.

Another interesting part I noticed was the mention of Aurelia, so I guess we can start talking about her on here. The conversations between Axton, Gaige, and Athena are fun, but I wish there was more dialogue during the rounds.

The optional objectives are cheeky, and provide some fun special mini bosses to fight. They drop the new weapons pretty regularly it seems, because I chose the skin, head, and class mod first, and still have about half the new weapons.

What are your guys reactions and observations thus far?


They really like to drop the new weapons. I have 3 Snipers and 2 tasers already. The only weapon I don’t have is the rocketlauncher. I really like the sniper but you really have to aim for crits because otherwise the reload is very very long (but it works well with impatience on nisha if you manage to kill enemys with crits before the reload. I managed to get 14 stacks wich was almost an insta-reload).

The fight was really fun but I wish there would be more bosses. We fight felicity which already respawns and flameknuckle. The legendary COM I got from the quest only had +3 in all skills and I probably won’t use it because I don’t use cryo weapons that often.

The optional objetives were really fun but I have to admit that I died because I accidently jumped after using the vault key and I got dragged into the light-thingy.
I really like the new enemys aswell. They are fun to fight and give lots of xp (over 500 in TVHM at level 50)

I liked it a lot, the badass round is a blast!


I liked it. It can get quite hectic! It’s quite fun butt slamming Opha’s into “The Blender”. Best blender kill was a Ascended Powersuit jumping at me while I was flying in the air. We collided and the thing fell like a rock into bladed hell xD

Just beat the Badass Round with 2 friends. We destroyed it. Still have to try for that no FFYL achievement. I went down once due to an oops. I dunno if the achievement trigger per player or the whole group has to not fall into FFYL.

I really wished the dome had unique music. I love the Borderlands series music and I was a bit bummed out we didn’t get a cool new track.

Party Line = When the Flakker and Sky Rocket have a baby?

Copy Paste from other forum:

I did the main 5 rounds solo with Wilhelm on TVHM. Man ammo can be a huge problem when your lasers only lol! I had to restart the game every two rounds to refresh the ammo chests!

Also, I was all “LE GASP” when Wolf died TWICE. Go Scramble! Then… WAAAAT HAPPEN He ded again lol.

Excalibastard is also your best friend… So many Eternals. It works like a charm against Bulwarks too… Thinking of getting Powerfist just to smash em faster.

Also, I had a bit of a bug… the skin and head were already unlocked. I never even had to pick them as rewards. One thing that bugs me about the new skin/head combo is if you use them together, your eye glowie is green and your hand is glowing purple.


@KrewlraiN- I could use the skin, but the head had already been unlocked. Not sure whats up with that.

A lot of posts mention dying when going through the light, but I didn’t die when I went through, and I didn’t wait for the objective to check off. It was weird

Is it worth $10 to all of you?

By itself, the Holodome isn’t worth $10 in my opinion, but keep in mind that you also get an extra 10 levels to gain, which sort of rounds up to the price. At least in my opinion. I like the idea of random boss attacks, but there should be more variety of respawning bosses in the Holodome alongside respawning bosses in the main game. If this gets patched into the game, then they could go with something along the lines of being able to farm them normally and have a chance to drop the assigned legendary or they have a chance to spawn in the Holodome and have an increased chance to drop the assigned legendary. The downside being that the boss you want to spawn may not appear.

The Holodome is both challenging but fun at the same time. I haven’t bothered playing it on an easier level yet so went straight in on UVHM. I’ve managed to get to round 5 but keep dying before I make it to the boss round.

If anyone here plays Xbox 360 and wants to play with me my Gamertag is: Aero1333

Am I not getting the same Kool-Aid you guys are drinking?

The Holodome is a letdown for me. It’s a huge map that’s mostly empty, and I spend half of my time searching every corner for that last enemy to kill.

Although I said good things about the DLC previously I do also agree with what you’re saying. There are more negatives about this DLC than I would’ve liked but i’m just trying to stay positive :smiley:

Hopefully the next two DLC’s will have a lot more content.

Pacing is pretty awful, but it’s probably a limitation of the engine.

New wave:
Two guys are visible, shoot them.
“Hello, anyone?” Start wandering around.
A wild Red Dot appears! Shoot it.
Six guys teleport into existence, two above and two behind.

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I thought Aurelia Baroness was supposed to be available for download yesterday but NADA. Has anyone heard of anything?

The Holodome was available from yesterday. No word when Aurelia is released.

Thanks. I still haven’t played it. I have it just trying to find level 52 and 53 legendary weapons. You guys make me want to play Holodome now. I think I will try it in True.

The Holodome is really sparse. You will spend a lot of time just looking for a red dot to kill, so you’re not missing out.

I would do it in UVHM though. Kind of silly to go through all of that pain for level 50 gear.

I feel its not worth the ten dollars, even though we had some fun with it. It just needs some more polish. I felt it wasn’t play tested well enough.

Now if it had a holo RAID BOSS option… that arena is huge enough to host quite a raid boss battle.

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The bottomless pit in the middle suggests that my have been the plan, at some point.

It is a big let down for me… Borderlands is known for good DLC, so I am used to it and here it is only an arena… Even the headhunter was better for me… Plus I’m not a big fan of arena/horde so…The digistruck peak was more my style. But it’s true it’s more about the level cap than anything else.

The holodome should have been an abridged campaign playthru- a couple of waves of enemies indicative of the mission, culminating in a boss fight where the dome holographically changes to match the boss’s arena. Do this for each boss in the game.

Then, once played through, allow a direct challenge of any boss for farming issues and a general horde-mode of endless waves of procedurally harder mobs.

BAM! Epic value for 10 bucks.


I look at it this way, I paid $85 for the game and season pass and I’ve already played several hundred hours and thus gotten my money’s worth before even starting UVHM or the Holodome.