Holodome guns: Berrigan

So I played through the Holodome 5 times, got the T4s-R, Boxxy, Cry baby, Party line and the Plunkett. Badass round I could choose between the Plunkett and a lousy green class mod. My question: How do I get the Berrigan?
Do I have to farm the badass round until it shows up randomly as a reward, and can I read-only farm it then for parts, or is the reward always different if I load my file with a completed round?

id also like to know this

It is a random reward for the badass round.

Okay. So if I finish a round, and put my char in read-only, can I farm the parts, or will the reward change all the time I quit-load?

I believe the reward for the completed quest changes everytime you load the game.

Yup it will reload differently every time.

Anther alternative is alt f4 or read only grinding of launchers

Two nukems and a prrple Vladof would ultimately get you three

IF that weapon is inthe grinder’s loot pool…and I am nI am not sureot sure whether it is or not.

so i could farm the turn in for all diff holodome stuff? awesome.

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Okay, it’s stupid. I farmed a whole day (23 runs). Don’t ask me how I even could go through this…No Berrigan. Well, Clappy gonna hold his Badaboom for a bit longer.