Holodome lvl 70 Badass round

So i’ve been working with shotguns with Clappy, and went deep into the third tree to experience the crazy explosive goodness (4 million dmgs w00t!) but using that build i lost to the badass round 4 times…

Well, specced back to old reliable and destroyed it. i just gotta have the survivability- you still get stupid dmg with fridgia/ravager (first shot gets explosive nova, last shot gets bonus), and two scoops still works great when you’re surrounded by badasses. anyway… im finally done lol. i tried the Invincible Sentinel but i see the fight would take an hour even if i won… it’s just too damn long i’m not interested. So here is the build! i’ve got a level 70 Flakker, and still hunting for that purple ravager (mine is blue), and a bit of an upgrade for my adaptive shield and Sapper class mod. other than that he’s pretty much perfect.

The thing i really like about this build is aiming for the head you can still one shot almost any frozen badass, but the survivability is insane.


I mean there’s no point not taking the free points in Fuzzy Logic, Free 30% Crit.Aside from that, you basically just took every non-garbage point in the tree so I can’t really blame ya on that front…

…I do, however, have issues with Organized Guns. Given that most flakkers and ravagers have a perfect mag for maximizing OLTs (Unless you have tediore grips on both of them) WHY would you ever increase your mag size and waste your ammo on non-Olt Shots.

With an 8 mag Ravager you have every shot benefiting from OLT (Splash on the 1st, Bullets on the 2nd), any more bullets and you ruin that, basically wasting your ammo and LnS stacks on a crappy non-OLT Shot. The flakker on the other hand, only gets OLT on the 2nd to last shot, so if you have a Mag greater than 12, you have to shoot 2 non-boosted flakker shots before you get to ur OLT.

With this build it’s because of the reloads- even with buffs the Ravager reload is like 2.5s every 2 shots… that’s a significant cost in DPS, and the first shot triggers my nova so it doesn’t feel nerfed in the slightest. in fact i’m starting to wonder if OLT has been nerfed- at least on Iwajira the difference between the first and last shot of my ravager is about 1 pixel.

Organized guns also benefits every gun i have other than the ravager, and Flakker takes SO long to reload i really feel that extra shot is necessary. Although I’m not a fan of the Flakker anymore not sure what people see in it, it generally hits Iwajira for LESS than my blue ravager, and i have to get close enough for all of his melee attacks to land. It’s probably still better on Sentinel but i’m not sure, the card dps is MUCH more than ravager, yet i’m just not seeing it. I’ve also noticed the dmg delay is annoying- by the time the outside explosions hit the target any other shotgun would have fired twice.

30% crit sounds nice but do you ever crit? i rarely ever see crits with Clappy; however that being said this build made Holodome easy mode, which is why i went back to it. For generall re-runs through campaign material i’m using this:

You’re not getting it when you have upwards of an 800% MULTIPLICATIVE BOOST to both your splash damage and bullet damage having only 2 shots per mag is worth having ALL OF THOSE SHOTS GETTING OLT (Which remember, essentially multiplies your damage by 9 AFTER all of your gun bonuses). You also have like 3-4 skills boosting your reload speed AND reloading constantly stacks LnS which is another Multiplicative boost.

OLT is SUCH a big bonus that getting an extra shot actively makes your damage worse because you’re wasting time and ammo on non-OLT shots.

That definitely sounds like good logic, but partly i specced the way i did because the most powerful Primal Virtuous Opha or whatever they’re called- the toughest badasses in holodome, take 3 shots from my ravager. now if i only have 2 shots i still need to reload and shoot them again, unless most of the pellets hit the head it’s not going down-

so with the 3 shots i was always able to kill them in one cycle- they are tough mofos and were probably the reason i wiped a few times before i changed my spec. in either case DONE AND DONE i’ve graduated from the top level of holodome and probably not going back any time soon… so im back to the dps spec, and not using OG.