Holodome Question

I’ve recently come back to TPS(got Max lvl toons in bl1 and 2) and I’ve got a lvl 50 enforcer.
My question is should I wait till lvl 70 to do this or can you get the chronicler of elpis multiple times?

The Chronicler is a reward at, I believe, round 4. Unfortunately, you’ll only get it once. I’d recommend waiting until level 70 with all characters if you really want it, though to be honest it’s not a great COM and you’ll be unlikely to wear it on an endgame build so you could always hit the Holodome now. It’s good leveling as well, though you’ll find the last few rounds difficult without an endgame build and maxed gear, but practice makes perfect builds eh?

You can reset UVHM, therefore you can get the chronicler of elpis multiple times. :acmaffirmative:

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you can also get it from the grinder. :wink:

Is there a specific recipe or a recipe that gives a better chance to grind it?

not to my knowledge. 3 purple coms and some moonstones is the way I’d go. Or, if you have 3 legendary coms you don’t want. grind them up and check your luck. :acmaffirmative:

but no specific recipe to my knowledge.