Holotwin Stealth Nerf

Okay fam.

Ya boi Nemo coming to you live with some of that good old knowledge stuff. Alas this time it is of a darker tone than I normally like to start a thread on. If you read the title (And I hope to god that you did if you found your way to this thread) you can probably already guess what I’m talking about. Maybe.

I know most of you don’t play Deande as obsessively as I do so you may not have noticed this. but what I tell you is true. Someone has been ■■■■■■■ with my beautiful holotwin and has FAILED to notify me. This. Is. Unacceptable.

the area in which the supposed stealth nerf took place has to do with the initial dash that you get after taking Double Trouble at level one left. More specifically it has to do with Deande’s travel along the positive Z axis (how high she goes), and possibly the distance travelled on said axis with relation to the X axis (how far she goes) (how high she goes over a distance).

Okay so you probably still dont get what I’m mad about. Look at this clip.

once you are done marvelling at how beautiful that kill was i need you all to pay attention to the initiation I made to for that burst dash. As you saw I simply jumped and used my holotwin to dash over the little wall.

I started from this point

the little half star. that is where the jump began. That clip was taken somewhere between winter update and summer update. But now after the summer update I can’t do this anymore.


So something has clearly been changed. And no i didn’t run a bazillion tests like I normally do. I ran only a few dozen after pitching the thought to Pheonix and @Deande . And I ran some tests with @Phoenix-2613 and I thought at that point that nothing had changed and we concluded I was crazy. But I swear I’m not crazy (well…). Something has changed and it’s been bugging me for months now. At first I though I was just messing it up but after so many repeated failed attempts to recreate this initiator I just can’t do it. So i’m hesitant to say the problem is me, but i wont out rule the possibility entirely.

That leaves me with two culprits. Either A, Deande’s jump height was nerfed, or B, the holotwin launch height was nerfed. I highly doubt it would be the jump height as I would have noticed that in a lot more spots, so my most likely culprit is a holotwin nerf.

And make no mistake this is a big deal to me. being able to do that jump on overgrowth meant I could keep my eyes on the target without having to drop kick and relocate them. It also allowed you to leave the clone behind easily and prevent the shock turret linking to you through it.

I reread the patch note and hot fixes and found nothing so if it was changed it was done under the radar. And I dont appreciate that.

Just as a side note, you can still make the jump over the railing but you have to be further back.

but as you can see this is only just barely enough to clear the railing. in fact, you end up walking off the railing whereas before you cleared it completely. Doing this jump is a little less practical because you cant come directly out of cabin with it, but im just letting you know it’s still kinda there.

So let me know your thoughts. Am I crazy? And If I am, what do you think about this supposed stealth nerf? And by what do you think about it i mean, explain why someone thought it was a brilliant idea to mess with my holotwin.

thank you for your time.

And sorry if this thread is a little sloppier than normal. I did in a half hour before bed and im going to regret taking as much time as I did to do this at work tomorrow.


There. You said it. Again.


Good point @GUNZERKUS. Hey Nemo, maybe GBX secretly considered your thread about needing guardrails and therefore stealth buffed the ones on Overgrowth so you can’t Holotwin Jump over them anymore.


Yep, the dash distance is definitely worse now. I’ve also noticed that sometimes the helix just outright stops working; despite pressing into another direction Deande will just jump backwards as if you didn’t pick the helix. A couple times I’ve also had the holotwin spawn in front of me, meaning I just hit her instead of dashing forwards as intended.

You can still kind of get up the ledge without jumping from further away, though it is really close.


Nemo I did not know you were talking about that railing

Yes I have had problems trying to clear that as well, I assumed it was due to lag, since I play in the morning more often now, and It pairs me with the Japs

I thought I was going crazy
I kept swearing up and down that I use to be able to clear that

Now I see that I am not insane

There’s either a problem with the clone
Extra obstacles to keep me from assassinating cretins with little effort…

Deande already took a hit in the chat yesterday
I don’t need this nonsense as well -_-

walks into my office angrily drinking this…“coffee” product


What I miss?


Also and more importantly! Early this morning I awoke to the responses on this thread and found a message from Pheonix (clearly wanting to brag about how great she is at parlour :wink: ). In short, you can still make the jump from the cabin. You just need to disengage the sprint status or be as good at it as Phoenix who can make it in a full sprint.

I’m at work now, I’ll explain more when I’m on break.


A very inappropriate fic…




You don’t wanna know. :no_mouth:


I would scroll back through the chat and send it to you
But my presence is no longer there :confused:

Of course I’d redact names as well
Identity protection

@Phoenix-2613 good job ^.^


The more you people hide this from me the more I wanna know…


I wanna know too.


This doesn’t make any sense to me though. Surely if you were sprinting, you’d be more likely to make the jump? Unless this has something to do with Deande’s screwed up movement speed and sprint modifier. Also I have the sprint toggle disabled, it’s highly unlikely that this has anything to do with me being able to jump over, but it’s still a random thought.


@Nemosis327, @icybullets, believe me; you REALLY don’t want to know…

The things that were said in chat about Deande… :cold_sweat:



Was this the old forum folks chat?

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This is how nemo dies. Killed via guardrail. I can see the patch notes now…

“Guardrails on overgrowth before second sentry now reduce Nemosis327’s ability to play Deande when within 3 meters of them by 30%”

Or maybe your permanent buff from GBX is Holotwin dash height. All I get is a 5% boost to the luck stat.


It would make sense, but making such a claim inplies that movement speed and sprint speed directly affect the parabolic arc of the dash. If only I had some more base values I could run some theories through the good old quadratic formula I’m sure you all remember from high school and make an accurate graphic comparison of the two situations.


Damn It are you trying to make me find this chat so that I can see what this monstrous creation is and the become actually pissed off and exact my furious revenge?!

Rip my sanity


Nemo…it was enough to make me "abandon ship"
and change my Deande related psn structure
It had to go into hiding…

I am still so livid, that I am calm…

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