Holy cow ***** death was handled so much better in pre-release

To all those who have directors cut, I implore you to watch the pre-release footage of how Maya’s funeral was handled in game. It was handled infinitely better in the concept art and it completely baffles me as to how this didn’t make it into the final game.

I hate Ava just as much if not more than anyone else, but seriously, the pre-release funeral pretty much fixes Ava and her biggest problems. Shes given much needed depth, she admits her hand in Maya’s death and takes responsibility afterwards , her and Lilith have a genuine heart-to-heart moment talking about their grief, and it gives some justification as to why she gets to be the leader of Sanctuary at the end of the game.

It really fixes a lot of the problems with not only Ava’s entire character, but is a truly proper send-off to such a beloved character.


It literally fixes the biggest story problems in the game. How did this get cut?

And the bigger mystery: this is the Director’s Cut. How was this scene not finished and added back into the main story? It’s a director’s cut. You add material back into the story when you do a director’s cut.


Presumably there are reasons that have prevented them, which are the same as why it ended up being cut in the first place.

Who knows what those reasons are, but it seems obvious that these reasons existed. They wouldn’t cut something like this for fun and giggles, especially given the general reaction on and after release to this plot event.