Holy crap! looking for a lot of stuff! help please!

Hey everyone. :slight_smile: I am looking for a lot of stuff! If you have anything and are willing to pass some on to me it would be great :slight_smile: my gamertag is ValkyriesHero. I am looking for Practicable Butchers (Corrosive), Aquamarine Sniders (any element), a Barking Volcano, Tattler, Gromky Lyudmila (any element), Lead Storm, and the Patriot. All at level OP8. Those are the guns I am looking for and if anyone would help me with these that would be amazing! I have been farming my ass off to get some of these and it has just been an ungiving game to me the past few weeks… :frowning:

Gamertag: ValkyriesHero

Hi mate, do you have an OP8 Creamer? I have most of what you are looking just need to collate them together as they are over three characters.

GT: barbrouge391

Hahahaha that sounds gay as out

Having Creamer over 3 characters? :joy: Sounds good fun… Maybe Lilith is involved :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hahahaha sat at work actualy laughin out load like

I know right, the Moxxi weapons have great puns to them lol.

No I don’t have an OP8 Creamer, it is one of those weapons that never got my attention. Thank you for the reply with all the gear. I will message you later when I can.