Holy crap the Empowered Scholar fight

THAT was a grade A PAIN IN THE ASS!

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It’s actually not that bad once you got the mechanics figured out.


It is the worst Boss fight in BL3.

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I don’t think i remember who the Scholar is. Unless it’s from a Takedown?

Eh the worst for me is still the Rampager. Simply because he has THE most obnoxious immunity phases in the game that last forever while he’s roaring all annoying-like. I can go fire up the smoker and do a brisket while waiting for those to finish.

With the Scholar I don’t even bother with the platforming bit, I just wait it out if I can’t easily snipe the crystals and don’t even care that he’s regenerating bars. (There might be enough time to make a brisket while waiting for those as well, come to think of it.)

It’s a boss from DLC2. I enjoy the fight but it takes a while at times.

Had to Google it, but now that I see it. I hate that guy. Always a pain to fight, no matter the level and mayhem

Last i was farming it for a void rift, i found the easiest way to take it off the platforming was to fire a complex root nearby

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I was farming for a void rift too and thankfully got one after about 5 runs with the action skill start activate effects on shield break or fill anointment

I used to hate the Empowered Scholar fight, but if your equipped with a strong corrosive weapon for him and a good sniper rifle for the platform crystals, it goes relatively quick. I stay focused on him and just dodge everyone else unless I get too pressured. You have to constantly be on the move.

:laughing: yea its a slow one but those death throes are the best.

The scholar is probably the “hardest” in terms of effort, though he really doesn’t pose any sort of challenge until the last phase. I’ve never been killed by him or any adds, but died a few times missing jumps to the moving rocks. The final boss isn’t hard in terms of a challenge, but takes the longest to kill (unless someone is away of some build/weapon combo that can shred her).


I’ll backtrack. the worst in this dlc is the wendigo. especially when it starts jumping around the arena. annoying as hell.


stupid floating stones design

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You can ignore platforming altogether by sniping the crystals - need to work out the angles for some of them, but it’s doable.

And if you want to farm him for the Void Rift shield - turn down Mayhem but use M10 guns (shields do not scale, so you’ll get the same one, no matter MH level, perhaps unanointed one though). Destroying him that way is quite satisfying too, a payback of sorts. :slight_smile:


….Man that’s cheap.

…but effective :slight_smile:

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Can also use grenades for that. Core Buster in particular works well. Land one on very top of the dome and the splash blobs rain down and hit all 4 crystals in one shot

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Huh, never thought of that - platforms seemed to be too far for a throw, so I never tried. I think I tried it with Atlas trackers, but they refused to cooperate and did not target the crystals (which would be too easy, I admit).

Platforms are like the exact maximum distance away to hit the top with a lobbed grenade. Have to get as close as possible to the edge in one particular spot but definitely doable.

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