Holy crap! Zero FINALLY becomes a BEAST at lvl80!

Wow now this is a character that has benefitted from new lvl cap!

Before he wasn’t as strong/well rounded as other vhs, I remember at lvl72 you could have very strong melee but his gun running would be weak. But I was mucking about with lvl80 skill points and now you can make him turbo melee beast AND powerful gun user also!

Maybe I’ll be able to get past OP4 with him now :grin:

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I do have to ask what kind of a an upgrade did you get into your build with those 8 skill points? Are you adding backstab to a general gun user or adding more gun DPS skills to a melee package? From what I’ve fiddled around with it seems like most builds got rather marginal upgrades except for sniper/melee with CA/no MMF which got a mad boost (which makes me happy as that is what I play).

With the extra points Zero can max out all essential melee based skills (including ambush, backstab and like the wind) as well as keep middle tree strong and filled

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Hm, he could do that before. You could reach both MMF and Death Blossom while maximizing all important melee skills before as the melee build is pretty much done by lvl 69. The extra points do allow you hit stuff like Velocity, OSOK, Kill confirmed or Precision or 2F to improve your guns which is nice but the melee meat&potatoes is still a roid shield + tesla / lighning bolt grenades (or their legendary variants) and a bladed weapon.

If you are not going for MMF full melee then I do agree it get’s stronger as you can hit more gun DPS while still retaining the ability to go for a strong single execute.

General gun user without backstab is stronger now too since it doesn’t have to balance around affording OSOK or precision so it can hit both while having all other general gun DPS boosts except Like the Wind. Good general gunplay with ability to use snipers or shotguns for OSOK deception shots. Forgot that approach in my last post when I said most builds got a marginal upgrade. But in that case it doesn’t have the melee package so that is not what you are running.

Well whatever it is, if it works for you then that’s good.

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Yup you could also make it to Bore and Velocity also, sorry I forgot to mention that in last post

That is also something melee Zero did before the level raise.

That’s the melee basis pretty much. Choice between Iron hand and Be like water is up to preference. Those 3 points in Like the wind could also be thrown to either one of those (or more Resurgence if you really want to).
4 floating points, one of which usually maxes out Rising Shot. That leaves you 3 points that you can throw into Velocity with the old level cap. Sure, you couldn’t afford to maximize it but it’s not a huge performance difference.

Straight away I see Iron Hand has ZERO points in that build lol.

Sorry I’d have to disagree about performance difference.

I do believe my post quite clearly states:

Iron Hands 15 % additive melee damage is not exactly a cornerstone in making melee Zero work. It is nice but not necessary at all.

And adds to his HP. It’s essential imo, Zero is the most fragile character in BL2 Iron Hand for him imo is absolutely essential.

Well, you do you. I’m done here.




Nice argument :+1:

Instead of punching, I prefer to keep my distance from the target, pick my moment, and kill them with a single, well-placed shot.