Holy Crit + F4de away doesn't work, apparently

Not my video, kudos to the op.

But yeah, apparently the only character that could benefit from holy crit does not benefit from holy crit, at least not properly.

Fade Away crits arent true crits and suffer some weird penalties. They also don’t gain the 15% bonus from Galactic Shadow.

Megavore crits do gain the Holy Crit and Galactic Shadow bonus if memory serves me right. So as long as you’re not running Fade Away Holy Crit can still be a solid choice. Even though this seems very counterintuitive with what should seemingly have very good synergy.

Fl4k still benefits a lot, it’s just that Fadeaway doesn’t work properly with crit damage bonuses, it just gives you a normal damage bonus and activates on-crit effects like Jakobs ricochets, Leave no Trace, etc. That’s why you still need to actually aim for crit spots with weapons like the Unforgiven or Monocle, even if you are using Fadeaway.

Given that almost every Fl4k build includes Megavore however, which is in fact a true crit, I’d say the modifier is still worth it, it’s just not quite as good as you might believe at first glance.

In that regard I think that the video thumbnail is a bit misleading, it’s still arguably one of, if not the best Very Hard modifier for Fl4k to run, particularily if you are gonna combine it with Galaxy Brain for easier crits overall and Megavore.

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Fade Away works properly, it not getting boosted by crit damage is simply because of how it works as a pseudo-crit. The way it applies to the damage formula makes it clear that is no bug or unintended issue, but rather simply how it was made to be, since hitting a weak-point/getting a Megavore proc during Fade will give you normal crit damage and its boosts, alongside Fade Away’s damage boost.

Holy Crit can be a DPS loss for a lot of builds and weapons, including some of FL4K’s best (like Reflux). While Galaxy Brain makes it a lot more usable, some situations like the Reflux’s or enemies that barely have crit spots exist. It is very much a fine option though if the other modifiers annoy you too much, but i wouldn’t recommend it first for anything currently.

Quite the contrary, Fade Away is what can turn Holy Crit into a DPS gain, and not the loss it is for a lot of cases and weapons. Fade Away bodyshots/non-weak-point hits don’t get the Holy Crit bodyshot penalty but also don’t get the bonus, which means your bodyshot damage won’t be negatively affected, while your Megavore procs/weak-point hits during Fade will still get the Holy Crit bonus.

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True crits in Fade Away do gain a lot, I was talking about the body shot pseudo crit shenanigans that Fade Away can suffer. I should have been more specific lol

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I referred to this. Edited it so it’s clearer

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This is why I generally leave the explanations to the pros :wink: