Holy mother of potato, Foxtrot is absolutely incredible

Recently, I’ve been tired of playing my usual mains, feeling I was both underperforming and not having much fun with them. El Dragon is… El Dragon, Oscar Mike feels a little bit too boring right now for me, and Toby is a sniper and I wanted to to try a new character with a more rounded versatile kit.

So, I decide on a whim to play Whiskey Foxtrot, a character I hadn’t spend even the smallest amount of time with.

Three hours later, I solo-platined Advanced Heliophage, and I was having a blast.

I don’t even get why people think he is underpowered : the man has a crazy accurate rifle with way too much rounds in its magazine, a scrap cannon that serves as my panic button (I take the repulsion + three charges helixes), a sticky grenade that becomes even more insane than Mike’s in the late game, an Ult that abolutely shreds everyone, be it player, boss or random mooks, and Killer Regen. Oooh, boy Killer regen. Stacking this with a Health Regen gear junps your natural regen for more than 40HP/seconds after a kill. This helix is the sole reason I survived Adv Heliophage.

What’s even more awesome is that he has a lot of possible builds that are actually viable : harasser, semi-sniper, assassin, shield killer (that one is gimmicky though), the guy can do anything but support.

What’s even better, he isn’t cheap like Ernest or Benedict can be (and Benedict’s been nerfed, so…), you have to work hard to actually be effective with him ; his nade is one of the most difficult skillshot in the game (curve throw + delayed explosion), his scrap cannon have lots of different kinds of utility depending on the helixes you choose, but you can’t choose all of them, amd his ukt, while being an insane burst, leaves him very open for a counterattack.

Whiskey is a high-risk high-reward burst assassin/sniper-harasser/skirmisher based on the helixes you take, and is a real blast to play.

And you, what do you think of Foxtrot ?


I started playing him recently, and yeah, I agree with the above. Fun!


Unless I know the player I cringe when I see him picked in PvP. I cringe knowing he will almost certainly have the least kills, least assists and lowest damage output of the entire team. Which leave me to wonder about most WF players, what the hell have you been doing all match?

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Generally he takes more skill to eke out a performance similar to other characters. That’s why we think he’s a bit weak. He’s strong against large figures or tanks but that’s not and has never been meta, so he, as a counter to nothing, also isn’t meta


Yeah, I see what you mean, Foxtrot is definitely not a top tier pick because of that. The way I see it, he’s more a niche pick to disrupt tank heavy comps, like Kelvin is a niche pick to stack a lot of healtg against a comp without wounds/vulnerable to the mass stun of Sublimate.

About the tankless meta, though, I raise you Galilea and Boldur. Granted, if they use their shields well, Foxtrot won’t do anything like everyone else, but even them can’t survive an Overdrive gank when done well.

But I have to agree with the more effort point. Like I said, his kit can be incredibly potent, but it requires very specific circumstances and a lot of effort. His nade, in particular, can lead, with the right helixes, to a triple slow followed by an explosion followed by a Napalm AoE if you place it well. But, curve throw plus delayed explosion means you have to plan your shot in advance. There is a reason the instant explosion helix for Oscar Mike is almost always taken, after all.


Yeah, too bad they’re small :disappointed:

I have given my opinion towards this character in other threads. It mainly derives from not witnessing a good player with this toon. I think he sucks.

The semi decent ones I have played with or against are only useful if they hide behind their teammates at all times to avoid deaths.

My conception also comes from evaluating a character based on how well he/she can push or support a push. Whiskey doesn’t do either of them very well (regardless of the high damage he can have)


I’ve mastered WF some time ago, didn’t play him much since.

With the Winter Update, I thought the VoZF changes ruined my loadout (Which was Zero Cost Shard Gen + VoZF + His Lore Legendary. Now, I use an Epic Eldrid Blade instead of VoZF.).
However, after playing him again, I must say that instead his lore legendary feels a lot better now.

Also, I agree with @DarrenXirias in comparing Whiskey Foxtrot to Kelvin.
In my opinion, both are good characters, but need to certain Team Comp scenarios to be of full use to the team. Although Kelvin is hit a lot harder by that. WF can adjust via Helix to be a semi-efficient DD regardless of the enemy team.
Also - just like Kelvin - WF is somewhat of a late bloomer, reaching his main Wave Clear tool at Level 6 and arguably good DPS enhancement at Level 7.

This is my reasoning on why he’s often a sub-par character pick. Depending on Game Mode, you probably don’t get to use his full potential, which means you can contribute less to your team.
I’ve had some awesome ‘fight-to-the-last-second’ Incursion games with him, though.

I think his passive is hard to pull in pvp, minions are tough…

While I absolutely agree that both Kelvin and whiskey are late bloomers but I think Kelvin is miles better than whiskey. Mass stun should never be overlooked. Just a few more nerfs to gali and Kelvin will be the king of cc.

It sounds like whiskey doesn’t “bloom” til lvl 6 while Kelvin blooms at lvl 5. Not a big difference but it’s something to think about. Plus whiskey’s passive gets less effective late game while Kelvins passive and chomp get better late game.

Whats ur helix path?

Wft napalm dmg should stack…

Killing dudes. What about you?

I love Whiskey Foxtrot, he’s my main.

The reason people see him as weak, is because only skilled Foxtrot player are helpful, he takes much more skill to play effectively than any other character in the game.

Still love him, even if I despise his ult and this his scrap cannon needs a slight tweak.


Are you forgetting about El Dragon?

Whats youe gear and Helix path? And his main job? Help with minions with scrap canon? Bullets? Nade?

How do you prevent getting behind in lvls? And keep his passive active?

Are you asking me? For Kelvin or whiskey?

My helix path for whiskey is to pick Oscar Mike instead. Just kidding, that’s mean. :grinning:

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No, I chose to ignore him since it didn’t help my point. Don’t question me, you dirty Rath main!

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I think that belongs to Attikus.

Green Recoil (+7.00 Health Regeneration when below 50% health)
Green Fire Speed (+210 Max Health after surviving 180 seconds)
Blue Reload Speed (+reload speed after reload)

The health regen secondary is unnecessary, I just haven’t got a better option right now.

http://battlebornforum.com/pages/battleborn-helix-build-editor-whiskey-foxtrot/?rows=-1,-1,1,-1,0,0,-1,1,-1,1, My helix build.

Level 8 and 9 are just preference, but I build Foxtrot for INSANE dps. I can fire and reload so quickly, that the delays before and after I use my ult, actually decreases my total dps. I grab the slow nades in case I need to get out of range of a melee attacker, as in my opinion, a slow is better than a knockback. Napalm is a no brainer, actual wave clear.

He doesn’t really have a “main job” because in my opinion, you outta be dividing your time between shooting minions, and enemy battleborn. [quote=“dantesolar, post:15, topic:1555168”]
How do you prevent getting behind in lvls?

As long as you focus minions when they are up, you won’t be behind in levels. Just damaging an enemy will net you a cut of the exp reward when they die. Every minion wave, just get a good amount of damage on the wave, and shoot em a bunch. They really aren’t all that tough for a ranged character.

lol no. Scrap Cannon is best used as a damage amp for your rifle, and it’s best to use it on a meaty Battleborn so that they go down faster. You could use it as a knockback against melee enemies, but I’d rather have the extra damage.

If they make the damage amp a part of the normal ability without the need for a helix, and replace that helix with a bleed in addition to the reveal.

What? Aim. Problem solved.

If you’re trolling me, I will actually murder you.

Shoot minions, when they’re dead, shoot dudes. Make sure you don’t die, play safe early.

Kill literally anything. The passive is active for a pretty long time, and all you really have to do is kill literally anything with a healthbar to keep it active, kills refresh it, too.



Kelvin duh.