Holy mother of potato, Foxtrot is absolutely incredible


To be honest, I haven’t played him for long. While I had a blast in PvP, and did decently well, the few matches I had were with a good Montana that was absolutely crazy with setting up kills with the Dash.

As such, I haven’t encountered a lot of the problems he usually has, because my teammate was crazy good at attracting attention.

However, I find that while Foxtrot’s damage output may be somewhat lacking compared to burst queen Orendi or ult-powered Boldur, those aren’t good Battleborn to compare hin to. Foxtrot is an Attacker, not an assassin, unless you build him so, but it is incredibly risky as you throw away every awesome survivability helix he has in order to go all in. Foxtrot is most potent as a harasser : your goal isn’t to kill people or push a wawe, but to stop the other team from doing so. Killing overextended players is the bonus, not his main shtick.

A good Foxtrot (which I’m not yet) will not need to hide behind his teammates to escape death : scrap cannon can act as a ‘melee repeller’ which immediately break the threat of a Rath or a Kelvin (and if he uses his stun to catch you and kill you, he’s wasted it and probably exposed himself, which sucks for him).

And, @legendoflink2288, I disagree with you saying Foxtrot is less powerful than Kelvin, because they’re not doing the same job at all. A Kelvin should NEVER aim to get kills alone unless it is a clear XP pinata (like that one Mellka that never used any of her skills as an escape). Sure, when you activate your mass stun, if you manage to grab a kill, great. But laning shouldn’t rhyme with killing for Kelvin. His role is of the ice wall, not the burst assassin. Grab kills if they are offered to you, but otherwise focus on minions and disrupting team comp. You said it yourself, Kelvin is the king of CC (Galilea nonwithstanding), and he is a great tank to boot.

Foxtrot just shoots dudes until they die, and he does it good. Nothing to compare.


And by the way, do not take my comment as starting a Kelvin vs Foxtrot war. I don’t play Kelvin at all, but I respect his authority (that one game of Coldsnap where he times his stun JUST right to disrupt my ult every single time) and respect their players, because unlike Benedict and Galilea, he actually isn’t cheap :wink:

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With bullets i mean 3 for each minion? Focuse in 1 by one? What to do if your team kill steal?

(The Art of the Foxtrot) #24

I dunno, you do you, boo. Shoot things until they die.

Ignore it. Kill stealing isn’t a big deal, as long as the dude is dead, who cares? You still get exp regardless.

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Lol funny stuff.

(The Art of the Foxtrot) #26

If you don’t die, I’ll at least make you run away. That’s my motto right there.

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I agree that they both do very different jobs and whiskey is more powerful in terms of DPS but whiskey isn’t very imposing or scary imo. Plus whiskey needs those minion kills just like Kelvin but Kelvin does it better. I know I’m extremely bias in this matter so you can just ignore me. :yum:

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Kelvin helix is

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #29

Well it hurts his passive, is the only character i care when i get kill steal on anything… Sunspots, buildables, minions, i need my pasdive active.

■■■■ you stupid efficient teams.

(The Art of the Foxtrot) #30

Eh, his passive give you a boost, but I don’t think you NEED it to kill dudes. If you’ve got decent enough aim, crits MELT people.

(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #31

Can whiskey destroy buildables to get his passive?

(The Art of the Foxtrot) #32

Yes. Anything with a healthbar, including large shard deposits. This makes Incursion easy for Whiskey to keep up the fight.

imo, Whiskey is best played on incursion, plenty of buildables to trash, he’s alright on Meltdown, but only if you know what you’re doing. Face-off and Capture, don’t even bother. Whiskey is very much a mid to late game character, he doesn’t do well in games that end quickly.

Of course, a skilled Whiskey can do well in any game mode, but playing Whiskey on Face off or Capture is like shooting yourself in the foot and trying to run a marathon.

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Wow, large shards too. I did not know that.

(The Art of the Foxtrot) #34

As a Kelvin main, now you know to be careful xD

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Hahahaha, you’re funny.

You got to get to the shards first.

(The Art of the Foxtrot) #36

Whiskey Foxtrot: I’m faster than I look, iceberg!

Besides, what’s stopping me from letting you have the shards, and melting your ass after I get the buff for shattering the cluster?

Whiskey beats his chest

Bring it on, you oversized icecube!

(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #37

Oh I wish I had something witty to say.

I hope you’re faster than the wind.

Is that good? Lol

(The Art of the Foxtrot) #38

Is all good. I’ve got ~450 hours and I have no idea how Kelvin’s personality should be framed xD


I see you’ve never have to eat an Overdrive right in your larger than usual crit spot, good sir :wink:
Seriously though, saying Foxtrot isn’t imposing proves that you just never met a good Foxtrot before : he is supposed to be able to provide wave clear and kill dudes easily. He also makes for an excellent buildable destroyer. And when you hear him activating his ult and you see him in front of you, you better run (unless you have your sublimate ready, but thatms a risky move). And even if you run, the ult isn’t wasted, as he can always unload it on another teammate or, at worst, clear a wave with it in record time if evert enemy ran like a coward.

Oh, and his nade is an awesome arena denial tool, which comes back pretty often.

Reading back on what I say, I realize Foxtrot may be not really intimidating, per se, but he is threatening nonetheless, and very threatening at that, with how constant he is : his passive is a prime example of that : kill something, be rewarded for it. Kill lots of things, be rewarded longer.

So, yeah, I guess we will have to agree to disagree :slight_smile:

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Ironically, WF both melts tanks and benefits from having tank teammates, which means a double whammy in meta irrelevance. He can be a phenomenal harasser and general DPS sprayer when he’s not getting focused down and constantly harassed out of lane, which syncs well with tank roles. It’s partially why he’s such a difficult pick up, because you have to work around the fact that he’s best suited for a meta that doesn’t exist in Battleborn.