Holy mother of potato, Foxtrot is absolutely incredible

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U-Uh…! N-Nevermind! PLEASE don’t look at the “Positive Comment Thread”!! OR THE “WHAT KEEPS US PLAYING BATTLEBORN?” ONE!! They’re, uh… They’re REALLY boring! YEAH!!

Rips “4 Oscar” note off and replaces it with one that said says “4 Toby: That means NOT YOU, BENEDICT!!” (@Benedict_87’)

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Benedict opens the fridge and sees the cup labelled “4 Toby: That means NOT YOU, BENEDICT!!” Benedict looks around quickly, grabs the cup, puts it on the floor, pulls down his pants and diaper, and squeezes some of his collected fluids into it. He then puts the lid back on the cup and places it back in the fridge. He hums as he walks away.

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Smart move, buddy. What’s that phrase? Hell hath no fury…? Ah, f*ck it, I’m not known for philosophy.

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Awww… I was enjoying your edits there…

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(lol, I wasn’t, obviously. I’m rather annoying, yes? xD Ignore the post, if you could.)

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Puts on his most sincere looking dejected face…

Ohhhhhh kaaaaaayyyyyyyyy…

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(trust me, it was not worth anyone’s time.)

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Toby is sitting in the mess hall eating kippers, when Oscar Mike walks up with the cup saying “4 Toby; that means NOT YOU, BENEDICT!”


Toby (nervous and uneasy): W-What are you talking about?

Oscar: Sorry; i just got done watching Seven. What’s this? Shakes cup lightly.

Toby: Oh… That’s something Whiskey gave me. It’s, uh… A protein shake.

Oscar: FROM WHISKEY?! Oh, dude, you GOTTA let me have it! PLEASE, bro?!

A miniature version on Nega-Toby appears on Toby’s right shoulder as he thinks of what to do.

Nega-Toby: Hey, TOBY!

Toby: W-What the f*ck?!

Oscar Mike: Oh, dude, hold on; you’ve got something on your shoulder… Flicks the miniature Nega-Toby off of Toby’s shoulder.

Toby (thinking to self): I’m… Not even gonna question that. (To Oscar): T-Thanks, Oscar…

Oscar: No problem, that’s what bros are for! So… Can i have the protein shake?

Toby (still musing over the Nega-Toby thing) The what…?

Oscar: THIS!! Holds up the cup.

Toby: O-Oh… Sighs. No…

Oscar: WHY NOT?!

Toby: Because Whiskey’s BLOOD is in it, Oscar.

Oscar: Yeah, yeah; and his sweat and tears too. I’ve heard the saying! I’M TAKING IT ANYWAYS!! SORRY, BRO!!

Oscar cloaks and runs off, and Toby yells after him before giving it up, and looking around uneasily for the miniature Nega-Toby. He then checks his kippers’ expiration date, shrugs at seeing them not being expired, and goes back to eating them.

Toby: Not even gonna question it…

(@timtoborne, @Benedict_87, come on… What’s the secret? Is it about me? I-I’m a big Finisci; i can handle it!)

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We can’t tell you.
It’s too secret.

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I’d tell you, but then Kleese would kill me.

It was just something I started, but wasn’t proud of, so I said to myself, “This is dumb, f*ck it.”

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Oh. D-Did you… Did you look at those other threads yet…?

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SO MUCH worse, I promise.


Oh sorry, I meant it was a double stun, because he managed to place his Ice Wall on all of our team, and then, when it disappeared, he mass stuned all of us again with Sublimate.


And dear Alani pre-nerf, this thread just derailed so much.

What have I done ?

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I think Whiskey is the most well rounded character available. He doesn’t feel too strong nor does he feel weak. If played properly he can keep most of the cast in check with his ranged DPS. I’m almost at 400 games played and I still haven’t gotten bored with him. This might be due to gearbox increasing the number of gear loadouts, and making it possible to see which characters the enemy team selects.

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As pertains to Whiskey, we classify him as a counterpick. He is incredibly strong as a character, but doesn’t bring enough utility to the table to justify picking him just for what he has. However, he is a FANTASTIC (and safe) counter to characters such as Kelvin, Shayne & Aurox, Toby, and Montana. Kelvin and Shayne see tons of play (Kelvin usually gets banned, but is an early pick if he isn’t; Shayne is almost always an early pick because most of the other CC tanks get banned), so you’ll frequently see whiskey picked in the last set of picks as a counter. Miko+Montana rarely sees competitive play because of the Whiskey threat (you would have to either ban or draft Whiskey, in which case you’ll probably be giving up other top picks, and at minimum telegraphing your intentions). Toby sees some play, especially on meltdown, but Whiskey is always drafted around if that is an intended pick.

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I’ve played a lot of WF lately in bots, and played him previously in live 5v5 (before the AoE nerf). I dig this guy!

But I build him VERY differently for PvE than PvP. PvE, I like Scrap Bank and Triple Threat (I think? Shoots 3 nades in rapid succession). PvP, I take that slow at level 1 and the 8-second reveal at level 2. Then Stick-n-Sap. Full-on assassin there. The idea in PvP is to be able to burst-down ONE target, then bail out and jungle a little before coming back in from a new angle. He CAN burst down tanks really quickly, too.

Plus, the character’s personality is just a hoot! I adore him! <3

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Sometimes I will use scrap cannon on a wave, especially early game. The spread can hit the whole wave with practice and apply the damage amp, then focus them down one at a time, starting with the most damaged. Scrap projectiles can crit and minions take more crit damage than players. The cooldown is short enough that I’m comfortable using it as long as I hit something and can follow up with rifle shots. The cooldown for scrap cannon is 10 seconds and the duration of damage amp is 8 seconds. Swiss cheese is amazing so just make sure it isn’t wasted on a single minion. His rifle is his primary damage source so I like to spread that debuff around as much as possible.

Triple threat and napalm are the only things that make sticky nades useful for waveclear. Without these it is strictly a player assassination tool.

Fun fact! If you use firmware on whiskey you will take a huge hit to dps because of his long skill animation and crappy ult. You can use scrap cannon to cancel out of the long recovery animations though.

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Thx for the tips. A bit late im in peace with wft, im just a crappy wft untill lvl3 i cant handel the iron sight i just hate it.

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I didn’t notice how old it was until I posted lol.
I agree about the ironsights. I run around hipfiring a lot until 3.